Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back in Business

Have you ever just sighed in relief because you get to do laundry? Me neither. It was an attempt to weed out the crazies. Although, when the repairman pushed the ON button making my dryer start turning again...I may have heard angels singing. 

A week of fuss over these two little pieces of metal. The thermal fuse kit. I know it seems minor but these babies cost a pretty penny. As a mom, I am done encouraging my children to become doctors and lawyers. I want them all to be distributors of Chinese manufactured goods. I know these did not cost the $100 I paid for them. Therefore, someone is profiting the difference! I suppose, that is neither here nor there.

The most important thing is we are back in business. I didn't have to buy a new dryer AND washer, which was my husband's suggestion. Please excuse his excessive consumerism. He doesn't have faith in the old Maytags. As a precaution, I finished washing and drying every dirty thing in my house. After such an ambitious day, I'm back to my regular laundry schedule. Wait until someone runs out of clean underwear or socks, then have a laundry day. 


  1. We are having work done on our washer tomorrow ugh I hate not being able to do laundry. Glad you are back in business.

    1. I hope you have a good repairman. And you can catch up with laundry this weekend!