Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fashion 30 {Part 2}

Budget and Save. Really? Am I actually going to start a post with those two words?  I think I might. Don’t leave yet! I’m going somewhere with this. I started January with a list of new year goals.  I’m holding up pretty well. I stayed within budget this pay period. Which is great because now I can pay for my clothes dryer to be repaired. Yuck. I know. But that my friends is what grownups call life.

This week ends my 30 day freeze for clothes shopping. Happy Dance! I made a point to prepare my husband about the lifted ban. He asked me, “If [I] would be going on a binge this weekend”. Offended! Just kidding, cause I totally am going on a binge! Although, I’m not waiting until the weekend…pssh, as if…because technically Friday is a weekday.

Below, the last 15 days of Fashion 30.

 Yes, I do wear yoga pants. Mostly to work out but also to clean or hang around the house when I'm not feeling 100%.

The pictures very clearly show a very conservative and uneventful wardrobe. I had a couple stand out moments this month but I'm looking to change how I create my outfits.

I'm so happy the month is over. It definitely was a challenge for me not to buy new clothes or accessories. Yes, I went to Target and Marshall's defiantly walking around the store determined to buy the scarf or three tops in my cart. My good conscience always won out. I made it one month without buying anything, except the homecoming dress. The spending freeze was a big deal for me.

The outcome: I never wore a single outfit twice. I never wore every piece of fall/winter clothing I own. I never once wore a dress. I don't need new clothes, I need to mix and match more. And I need more shoes! And accessories!

My life lessons: Sometimes you gotta find out what you are made of. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Don't worry about what others think of you. But do care about what you think of you! Don't limit yourself with assumptions. 

Maybe some day I will elaborate on these life lessons.



  1. I've never been a big yoga pants person... but trying to fit in a 5 minute work out between baby-things is kina impossible in skinny jeans.
    Rock on yoga pants!

  2. I love the last outfit, so cute! :)

  3. I love the last outfit!

    So cute! I'm going to link up next week for the first time. This should be fun! Love, Traci Michele @ Ordinary Inspirations http://www.ordinaryinspirations.blogspot.com

  4. Way to go on sticking to your spending freeze! Your outfits all look really cute~ it's fun to see how a challenge can stretch our comfort zones. :)

  5. Good for you to complete 30 in 30! I keep saying I want to try it and then never do! And to not be able to buy anything in Target or Marshalls?? You should win an award!


  6. Cute stuff.

    I also wear Yoga pants. But only in my home. I feel odd leaving the house in them. Unless I'm working out.

  7. Maybe I should see how long I can go without buying anything new to wear? That could be a little adventure, a challenge.
    And definitely the worst part about being grown up is using hard-earned money to pay for yucky stuff like fixing a dryer. Especially when doing laundry isn't even fun in the first place!

  8. Good stuff. I just bought myself a new shirt but it was with a Christmas gift card (does that count). I always want to buy new clothes, especially shoes! But being a college student & a one income household, the budget doesn't allow it :(