Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal is back. Sunday Gratitude link up is not. I have mixed feelings about it. Ultimately,  I don't feel I can do the link up justice for my fellow bloggers. I'm not sure if it matters to those linking up but I always feel guilty. I will revisit the link up mid-year and hope to be better prepared to host a link up.

I feel I have been going 110 miles per hour in life since December 13. I've had company or been company for almost a month. I've enjoyed it and feel so blessed to have family who are able to visit. But it is time for a routine and getting back to our normal.

I am thankful for all the help my MIL gave me while visiting. She is an ace with the kids AND that is the best help right now!

I am thankful the first week back to school was problem free. Besides getting back to a normal sleep schedule, the kids had a seamless transition.

I am thankful we are almost half way through deployment. BIG YAY for this one! Still a few weeks off but we just got the party invite from the squadron this week. Passing the half way mark makes things seem more manageable.

I am thankful we still have time left before military homecoming so I can actually do something productive with the house and myself. Check out my Deployment Bucket List.

I am thankful my volunteer inquiries have turned into something positive. I will spend one day a week volunteering with my youngest son's class. I get to work with kids struggling with reading. This is one of the things I enjoy most in the classroom. I am also working towards volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center. This will be something different than other volunteer and work related things I've done. However, I've been considering applying to a Social Work program so I feel this will help me decide.

I am thankful for my daughter's current obsession with Just Dance. It's so fun to watch her come out of her shell. And we have some good laughs as we all make fools of ourselves.

I am thankful I am still able to send emails to my husband despite his inability to communicate with me. When we go through this, I hope he still gets my emails. And I hope he feels encouraged and loved and connected by that one-sided communication. If not, well, then we will just have to cross this off the list! {just kidding}

I am grateful for a lazy Sunday to read my book.



  1. YAY for being halfway through deployment, so wonderful!!! :)

  2. Yay for being half way through!!! Jealous! I was happy we are one month down! lol

  3. Wonderful list of gratitudes!!! Glad to hear you are halfway through deployment!!!

  4. HI there! Thanks for visiting my site! It looks as if we have already connected on Instagram. I look forward to following you!