Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Happy July! We are already one week into this month. Which means my summer is half over. Am I the only mom of school age children wishing for summer to slow down? My kids are still getting along. I probably have two weeks left of "getting along" time before they start making me lose my mind.

Tank- Ann Taylor Loft
Skirt- ATL
Shoes- ATL
Necklace- Great Grandma's hand-me-down (vintage)

Maxi Dress- Gap

Tank- Gap
Shorts- ATL

Active gear Capris- Old Navy

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  1. I love the first outfit! It's super cute.

  2. Oh, you're lucky yours are getting along! Mine are usually the best of friends... but this summer they're all crabbing at each other. Yesterday, I made them sit down and tell each other what they loved about each other before I allowed them to be together again!

    That GAP maxi is a perfect summer dress!

  3. I'm ready for mine to go back to school - as they are eating me out of house & home! They are still in the "we get along" stage, but we'll see how much longer that lasts. They will go to Camp Grandma in a week for a 2 week visit. =) I love the 3rd outfit, looks very comfy! Cute vintage necklace too!

  4. I love that navy maxi dress on you!
    You should wear it everyday! ;)

  5. I love your necklace in the first outfit! Very pretty pop against the blue!

  6. So cute! Especially loving the first look! :)

  7. Coming over from the link-up. I love the necklace in the first picture and the maxi dress is so pretty!

    Nicole to the Nines

  8. Lovely outfits, my favorite is probably the second one. That maxi dress looks stunning on you :)

  9. Nope, not just you! We're about half way through here too and I feel like it's barely started. Although, also like you, I'm sure mine will have had enough of each other very soon and have me counting down to the day when I can drop them at school and have a blissful 7 hrs of kid free time. ;) Great outfits! I especially love the first one and the maxi dress.

  10. LOVE the necklace and YES!! I want summer to slow down too!! It's going TOO FAST