Tuesday, July 8, 2014

West End Salvage

I'm not big on television. I average about one show per season. I love Dancing with the Stars. My number one. It only airs in the fall and spring. Big Brother is my one show in the summer. Those two shows complete my television repertoire. I know nothing else about television. You can imagine my surprise to find there is a reality show filmed in Iowa. I didn't know people would find Iowans interesting enough to put them on television. Most people I talk to know Iowa by default. They have either driven through the state or mistake us for Ohio. I meet few people who have actually been to Iowa other than to drive through. I guess if reality television can put us on the map, then I won't complain.

During our visit, my cousin and I decided to check out this shop. She had heard from a local friend about West End Salvage and we were looking to get off the emotional roller coaster that was the hospital waiting room.

I'm still not sure what the show is all about. They were taping when we were up there. And from what I heard I would say it wasn't quite off-the-cuff reality. Sorry to ruin it for ya. Just saying what you all know. We think we saw the people who are on the show. I guess that might mean something to someone. But the store was really what it was about and it was impressive! 

I want this for my house! I know just the wall. $200 and 2000 miles kept me from making it mine. If I only had to manage one of those obstacles, I would have brought it with me.

We managed to find some affordable treasures. My cousin found an O for her son Oliver. Not a zero like my husband tried to convince her it was ;) And she convinced me to get some porcelian door knobs for the coveted Pinterest project I will never complete. She believes in me a little too much!

Overall, a fun outing in my home state of Iowa. The middle of the US where apparently no one goes. 



  1. You'll need to watch it. It's on DIY. It's not my favorite, I prefer Salvage Dawgs, but it's good for background when I'm reading or whatever. DIY is one of the only 2 channels I watch though.

  2. Hahaha! I've been there a handful of times to visit family. But that's it! Never heard of the show, but I've always wanted to visit a shop like that! I want letters like that!