Friday, July 11, 2014

Grizzly Creek Trailhead {Summer Bucket List}

Our impromptu road trip enabled us to see one of our favorite parts of the country- Colorado. Sometimes I wish we were an Army or Air Force family so we could call Colorado our home for a few years. It's definitely one of our top choices for our forever home when my husband retires from the Marine Corps. Planning for life post-military always seemed like a lifetime away and now is just around the corner. Every time we travel through Colorado I just fall in love even more.

We had a little extra time on our way back to California so we planned a hike. We really wanted to hike Hanging Lake Trail but by 10am the access road was closed. I've read the Hanging Lake trail is a big draw for hikers and they come early. Total bummer to have missed our window. I guess we will have to plan a little better the next time through. We decided to hike a nearby trail called Grizzly Creek Trailhead. Just a simple creek side hike uphill right off the interstate.

The pictures say it all. It's so beautiful there. I love all the green. And the flowers. And the water. The mountains. Ok. I love everything.
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  1. I loved how you said "planning post-military life seems like a lifetime away."

    true story.

    I would love to visit Colorado!

    the pictures are great!

  2. Looks like fun! We were in Colorado in May and it was still snowy. Would have been nice to see more green.