Thursday, July 31, 2014


I've been keeping up with the blog pretty well this month. I can barely believe it myself. I'm just a couple days away from returning to work. *Lots of grumbling* So who knows where this blog thing is going to go. From the looks of my side bar, it could go either way. I might neglect it like I did for almost the entire 2013-14 school year. Or it might be my therapy like during our 2012-13 deployment. Only time will tell. Until then here are the randoms I never know how to fit into a blog post.

Our foster dog, Bear, got adopted. We only had him for one week but he was so good. I would have traded him in for Charlie in a heart beat ;) But he went to a family of four who was ready to welcome a new pet into their home after the loss their family pet. He will be such an awesome fit but we miss him. The boys handled it well. Ky wasn't too happy. Although, she is ready to do go find our next foster dog.

After we dropped Bear off at his adoption event that morning we stopped by a garage sale and scored this desk. Which means I now have furniture in my gray room. Score! Now I need a chair.

Birthday present for my spoiled friend who received a new car for her bday. Given that it's an SUV, I thought the only appropriate gift would be a gas card. Since her wonderful husband left the very next day (thank you military) after giving her the car, I knew the wine was a must! 

Our excitement for the weekend was rain. Living in the desert makes it a big deal.  My daughter had to document it. She's becoming quite the photographer these days.

Then he left. On a great big Air Force plane. 

And we are almost through another week.  

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  1. :( boo for deployments! At least starting work will keep ya busy, and hopefully make time go by a TEENY bit quicker??? You definitely need a chair for that much as that step ladder looks

  2. We have been getting a lot of rain lately too and it has been glorious.

  3. Such a thoughtful gift. That picture in the rain is a framer.

  4. Our rain has been touch and go here in NC this year, too. It rains the days they say it won't and when they predict it, it never comes.

  5. I love that picture!! You must frame that hang it in your bedroom or something! Way to go on all of the blogging - you rock! :)

  6. Your gift to your friend is perfect and so thoughtful. That's such a cute picture of you two. I agree with Katie, you should frame it!

  7. Deployment will eventually come but you can do it. Your husband and your kids will be your strength and inspiration. I so love the picture under the rain. It's so lovely and real. :)

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  8. love the rain photo, pretty! The bottle of wine photo goes well with my last comment about sending huge, love and wine. One down, a few to go - you got this!