Monday, July 7, 2014

4 July.

It's military speak. The date. Then the month. It's the way it is written and the way they say it. It seems backwards. But I guess it's their thing. I figure it makes a decent blog title. I'll take it. Making up blog titles is my least favorite part of writing. I don't spend a lot of time on titles anymore.  Besides if the military does it I figure it's patriotic. I figure there is nothing more patriotic than military so the title stays. This Fourth of July we went All American. BBQ, beer, fireworks, ice cream, pool party. I even made the entire family change into red white and blue attire just because it was the right thing to do. For America. Total complainers but they did it. Didn't get a picture to prove it though. Shameful!

We decided last minute to watch fireworks. In an effort to avoid the crowds, we parked the car alongside the road near our home.  Which was a very popular idea meaning half our neighborhood parked alongside the road as well. I figure we were in good company. No complaints. Then my wonderful outdoorsy, Marine husband thought there was a way better view climbing to the top of the higher hill outside the comfort and safety of our car. In which I said...Good Luck With That! and watched their four small silhouttes climb to the top of the hill from the safety of our car. Then I got to thinking if they are all up there and I'm down here I'm missing out aka Kids are running amuck in coyote territory. And if they haven't been attacked by a rattlesnake or coyote yet then maybe I can still save them. Maybe. So I also climbed the big hill in my flipflops and midi-skirt which is ideal hiking attire might I add. Then spent the next 40 minutes paranoid we would be attacked and eaten by a pack of coyotes in the darkness while the rest of our neighborhood was parked safely on the street below. But guess what?!? It never happened. Thanks God.

After watching fireworks we came home and lit our own. Sparklers only. Fireworks are illegal here. Boo! Then I had this great idea to try out something I saw on Pinterest. You know the sparkler thing with the writing? I'm a total pin buster. I don't believe half the sh*t I see on that website. I used to but I've had enough to fails to make me a little suspect.

Here is what happened:

Pretty cool, huh? I think with the right person taking the picture or the right camera the sparkler picture could really work. I'm impressed. 

That was our 4 July. No big parties or outings. Just chillin' at home.



  1. The sparkler pictures are awesome!

  2. Sounds like a great way to enjoy the holiday!

  3. love it! We also parked on the side of the road to watch fireworks (on the 5th at a baseball game). my only worry was getting hit by the train (even though we were parked a good 15-20 feet from the tracks). The fireworks though, they were amazing!

  4. Those are awesome photos!! Holidays at home are just as fun (in my opinion)!

  5. Perfect way to celebrate. And I've never been able to get the sparkler pictures to go perfectly.

  6. I wanted to try the sparkler picture too, but we never got around to lighting them... Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the 4th. I love low-key

  7. The sparkler picture is pretty cool!!! I should get on pinterest more....that would have been cool to do! I have the hardest time coming up with blog post titles....

  8. I always think I've come up with a great post title only to realize it I've used it before.
    Sounded like a great 4th!!