Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bad Choices

Oh the interesting things you find on your way to Camp Pendleton! I feel real sorry for the owner of this car. But jeez what does a person have to do to receive such treatment?!? Clearly something... it does say Pay Back B*tch. So maybe the owner of the car isn't such a nice person?!?

It does make you wonder what in the hell happened to make someone think this was a good decision? Let's hope there was alcohol involved. Only because alcohol has a tendency to make you think stupid. It takes the spotlight off of crazy. A little bit.

I love speculating about things like this. What is the back story?  Relationship problems, broken friendship, money issues, business deal gone bad? So many possibilities :) and drama! I hope it was worth it for both parties cause somebody needs a new car. Or windows and a paint job.

Have a good day you all! And be nice to people!

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  1. Oh man that is not good at all!

  2. I can only imagine what they did to get a payback like that.

  3. Do you listen to Ryan Seacrest's morning show? I listen to it some on the way to work. They do a thing twice a week where to try to catch cheaters. It's the highlight of my day! I always want to know more. I need details people! Other people's drama is always fun.

  4. Oh wow, someone is definitely NOT happy

  5. O-M-G!!! I can't believe that. People are crazy!

  6. I would LOVE to know the story behind that one!

  7. We saw this leaving base one day, and completely circled back around so Gene could get a picture of it to instagram! We talked for easily an hour about what must have gone down. With that neighborhood we're thinking maybe a drug deal/something to do with the gangs over there, or someone was banging someone they shouldn't have been!
    I am JUST now settling in and going through my bloglovin' and laughed so hard when this picture popped up! I'm glad we're not the only nosey ones!