Thursday, July 24, 2014

Blogger Lunch Date & Farewells

What a difference a year makes. Just short of a few months, five of us met at a small cafe in Del Mar. Katie was the group organizer. I still remember the email, " I was thinking...would you be interested..." she seemed to write with hesitation. I'm sure we all had the same thought...Could this really work? A group of multi-age women, strangers really, who only had blogging and military life in common. I figured we could be civilized for a two hour lunch but would there be another meet up? Would I want there to be another meet up?

Now I look at this picture and I know everyone by name. I want to tell you who they are, what they blog about, their personal stories. I want to tell you their strengths and why they make me want to go to these meet ups. All because somewhere between last fall and this summer, we became friends. Unconventional, blurred lined friends. 30 something, 20 something, officer spouses, enlisted spouses, parents, expectant families, newlyweds, Marines, Air Force, Navy. If nothing else, our group has broken all the military spouse rules of friendship. Or maybe we've just proven there are none!

And now we say goodbye :( Already?!? It hasn't even been a year. The unique life of military spouses. Jes is going to the Midwest so her husband can complete his schooling. This girl and I were in Japan at the same time only five minutes away. We were on Atsugi and their family on Camp Zama. However, we never met one another until our first blogger brunch last fall. But we frequented all the same places in Japan. She was smart enough to blog about it though! At least I can reminisce through her blog when I get lonesome for Japan. Good Luck Jes! Keep blogging we don't want to lose touch!

Our next blogger to leave is Elizabeth. A new and welcomed addition. Always the life of the party and much appreciated comic relief. Elizabeth and her husband are headed to Japan. Okinawa which is the more tropical and beachy Japan than what we knew. Just a tad bit envious of that one :)

Best wishes to you both. You were such a welcome addition to our group. I'm sure our paths will cross again!

Now for the picture roll of the randoms:

Our big chatty group at Casa Guadalajara.

The lonely restaurant serenader.

Outside the restaurant

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  1. Awww I'm so sad we missed this but I really am so grateful that we all took that leap of faith and met up! Every single one of these ladies are so awesome and you're right, it just proves that there are no rules when it comes to spouses in the military! :) Jes and Elizabeth are on to bigger and better things and we'll hold down the fort here for a while. Love this! :)

  2. I totally can not wait to be stationed somewhere where I can find a group of military spouse bloggers and go on blogger dates!! I'm so jealous! It looks like so much fun!!!

  3. How awesome!!!! What an amazing group!

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  5. How fun! I love the way blogging brings people together.

  6. There is a blogging group out here on Okinawa, that Katie totally inspired! I have already RSVPed for my first get together with them in hopes of finding an amazing group of women, just like the group in San Diego! I guess it was unconventional how we all became friends, but knowing you all definitely made my final months there so much better :D