Monday, July 21, 2014

Movie Marathon {Summer Bucket List}

We completed our Movie Marathon! 9 hours. 4 movies. 0 Popcorn. Not even sure how we had a movie marathon without popcorn. Maybe we need a do over? Here was our movie line up:

*No matter your age, put this on your 'To Watch' list

Catching Fire & Cars 2
*old favorites :)

Another summer bucket list item completed! We just might finish this list!
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  1. My kids would never allow a movie marathon without popcorn. Don't know how you got by with that LOL
    My 16 year old saw Malificent, she loved it :)

  2. No popcorn?! Haha! We LOVED Maleficent!! I've seen the original Cars but definitely want to see Cars 2!

  3. I love this idea! I haven't seen any of those movies! I suppose I should get to watching them!