Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Needs To Slow Down

July is the next best month to January when it comes to sale shopping. My friend and I decided to hit up a few stores while our girls were at the movies. I hadn't been shopping in a long time. At least 6 months, if you don't count Stitchfix. I haven't really been feeling like it. I'm kind of going through that poor body image thing and haven't wanted to fully commit to moving up a size. I've been saving my big shopping trip for after I have established my gym routine. It didn't pan out that way so I broke down and bought some things. And I'm in love with every piece regardless of the size. Sometimes it's good just to get something new... that fits.

While we were out, we discovered the Gap sale. Additional 40% off the sale racks. Shorts and Tees. In Southern California shorts and tees are perfect for Back To School wardrobes. I picked up a few things for the boys and my total was 30.00 plus some change. Score! When you have to clothe multiple kids, additional anything off is music to your ears. Plus, Gap has great boy styles and the clothes hold up against rough-n-tumbly boy wear. Derrick is the number one tester of quality. I think Gap jeans are the only ones he can't put holes in. That is saying something with that child!

In addition to shopping, I enlisted the help of the boys to make some things for my work. Perler bead patterns. We've just been "transcribing" them from Pinterest. My kids at school love to do Perler but they get a little tired of the plastic molds we have. Last year I introduced them to the creative side of Perler beads. They loved it. However, my younger kids need a little direction. When your ratio is 14:1 patterns can be your friend.  My kinders can copy from patterns with little assistance. Plus, they love Ninja Turtles way more than a butterfly or brontosaurus. My fingers are crossed these patterns will be a hit with the kids.

This is the fun prep work I get to do. I really need to start on the staff development and child behavior policies we will be following this year. The not so fun stuff. 

Our very last school prep is getting everyone check ups and healthy.  July is our month for dentists, doctors, and optometrist.  With Charlie, I guess we need to add vet to the list.  Poor little guy had to get his vaccines on Friday.  He did really well. Not a peep from him but he does look a little traumatized, doesn't he?  That face.  We are mid way through July and no one is looking forward to school yet. Charlie is probably the least excited because his kids are going to leave him (for school).  Poor baby. 

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  1. I love the Gap for my kids too! I always hit up their sales and clearance racks though!

  2. Love this- summer sales for back to school too! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. It does feel like this summer is flying by! It's nuts.

  4. My son just had a birthday this past weekend and got a ton of clothes. I was thrilled, that is less school clothes this mommy has to buy!
    We need to get busy making appointments too. So much to do before school starts.