Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ocean Kayaking & Pirates

We are on the countdown to another deployment. I use the term deployment loosely because it won't be nearly as long as a "real" deployment. But it fits the definition and it's going to suck regardless, so what can you do? Whenever we get ready for these lengthy separations all I know to do is start stockpiling time away. I just want to spend as much family time together as possible. Is this normal?

Yes, our Marine won't be gone for half a year but he is still going to miss so much. Our communication will still be strained. He will be on a whole other continent. There will be safety issues. This is the part of military life that I think differs from other professions. Deployment.

Until departure day, we are just going to be making the most of our time. This past weekend we took a family day. We checked out of reality and did a little staycationing. So easy to do in SoCal! We gave member of our family the opportunity to present their best idea. Our options ranged from movie marathon to swimming with dolphins (Nice try Kyli!) The final decision was to modge podge a couple of ideas together. Our day included ocean kayaking, lunch, and a Pirate's Dinner Show.

We choose the Camp Pendleton Marina for kayaking. The price is right at $10 per kayak/hour. Plus, you have access to the Camp Pendleton harbor/marina, a small area of the Pacific, and the Oceanside Harbor. It's enough distance for our family without being too much. In fact, I found out the small inlet between Camp Pendleton and Oceanside is a lot of work. Our pictures were limited because I had to take pics from the dock. The camera didn't go along!

Then there was lunch at an ocean front fish house in Oceanside. Hello Betty definitely has the best atmosphere and awesome ocean views from the balcony. Food is ok. But the grill tacos are what it's all about. All shades of delicious!

Then there were Pirates. I know you were thinking we encountered pirates in the kayaks, right? So likely! We really just want to a dinner show in Buena Park. It was kind of a flop. I enjoy a little themed dinner entertainment but this one just... wasn't. Dinner wasn't so great. Show wasn't so great. The kids loved it. And now we know.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful staycation!!! How awesome that you spent the whole day having fun like that! :)

  2. What a great staycation! That pirates show looks like so much fun :)

  3. How fun! I have never been kayaking but I would love to try it.