Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Love Me Day

There has been a lot of blog love shared here lately. I've told you the bloggers I could imagine as real life friends. I've shared my absolute faves. I could go on and on about all the blogs I love and why. But...

Aint Nobody Got Time For That!

Today I get to love on me. And because that is totally awkward, I'm defaulting to the Everyday In May challenge.  The prompt is favorite posts from your blog. Here they are:

Today Deployment Sucks
A post from the trenches of our most recent deployment. The emotion in the midst of deployment is pretty untouchable when it comes to military life. I'm so glad it's over for now.

We Are Not Rednecks
We Are Not Rednecks... Really!
Tales from my crazy mixed up family. Um..yeah...we're rednecks!

The Story Of A Fluke
The direct link for my most popular Pinterest pin. I'll just call it The Outfit.

This Is Cancer
An emotional post about our lives over the past two months. So glad it's over!

Things That Make Me Go Whoa!
A sneak peek of my crazy side.


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