Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Songs That Speak To Me

My daughter is less than a month away from turning 13. I can't even write that without feeling like I am going to cry. Time just goes too fast, yet every year is so embedded in my brain. I think the worst thing about being a parent is knowing each passing year is just one more step away from you and towards something else. Yet, that is the goal of parenting. We are suppose to raise kids who don't need us. Who can operate independently in this world. Although, when you put that in words it looks pretty crumby, huh?

Ok, so I just went way off track! I brought up my daughter because she is at the age where she wants to control the radio. And the music she listens to is silly. We are also at the age when you can't change the silly song because It's Her Favorite. And every song just happens to be her favorite. Well, until two weeks later when you've succumbed to listening to the dumb song and you say, Ky, it's your favorite song! In which she replies, I don't like this song! And you are quickly reminded how much the teen years are gonna suck! I am kidding a little here. I can't help but be amused by her wishy washy attitude lately. One day she can't get enough of something, the next week she acts like she's disliked the same thing her entire life. And you are dead wrong for ever remembering otherwise. And the things she dislikes are unheard of...bananas...rice...jackets...the color green...the sound of wind. Ok, not that extreme but close.

Off on a tangent again...believe it or not, this post is suppose to be about music. Music that speaks to you. Songs that spark a memory. I love music. I'm a big fan of Christian Contemporary, Country, and 70s Rock. Is that not the biggest contrast? I can't say there are a lot of songs that speak to me. Mostly, Christian contemporary because I'm what people call "Born Again" so I suppose I relate to the lyrics.

Rascal Flatts- Changed is one of those songs where I think "I couldn't say it better myself".

Chris Tomlin-Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)- is another song which says is perfectly.

I also have songs which are for each of my kids.

Sara Evans- Suds in the Bucket- is Ky's song.

George Strait- The Best Day of My Life- Zac's song

Brad Paisley- Anything Like Me- Derrick's song. (No, it's not just for the eye candy ladies!)

Honestly, I'm not sure how these songs ever came to be assigned to each child. I guess they just kind of spoke to me. But the songs are pretty fitting, if you know my kids.

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  1. My dad has songs for us also. Or at least for my sister and I. The boys kind of get pushed to the side.. LOL Mine is "There Goes My Life" by Kenny Chesney. It's almost my entire life story, down to loading up the Honda with Abercrombie jeans and moving to the west coast.

  2. I can't even think about my child becoming a teenager! It makes me so sad!

  3. I love Sara Evans and I actually just heard that song on the radio. :)

  4. Oh I love your song choices!! And I totally get oldest is going to be 14 in July. Just crazy. They all have their favorite songs and they might not be ones that I would automatically love, but they grow on me. :)