Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Happy Places

Wow! Look who showed up on the blog! Please forgive my MIA status. I have been enjoying a little Life Unplugged. I had a great Mother's Day. I hope you did too. Monday I photographed a military homecoming for a couple of friends. I loved every moment of it! And Tuesday, was my husband's appointment when he got released from the Hematology Oncology department because he is CANCER FREE. Which is like the best news e-vah!

I dropped the ball with the Everyday in May challenge. But I'm picking up with a prompt I didn't want to miss writing about. Early this week, the challenge was to write about 10 Things That Make You Happy. What a fun topic to share with one another!

I like to keep an arsenal of simple pleasures which immediately lifts me from a foul mood. I would guess you do too.  Of course,  this is assuming negative moods are a part of life? I don't mean those fleeting moments when someone cuts you off or you watch something terrible on the news. I'm talking waking-up-on-the- wrong-side-of-the-bed mood. Or the aftermath of dealing with ridiculous people. In military life, when the plan changes 15 times in one day. Whatever triggers you to retreat into your head and get bogged down by your own thoughts.  Those inevitable moods annoy me. This is when I go to my little diversions to keep focused on what I can control... Me!

A surefire way to put me in a good mood is a coffee date.
Coffee just isn't the same without a little company!  

There really is nothing to explain on this one.
I think naturally, wine is going to put someone in a good mood.
I don't need company to drink wine. 
I can get just as happy drinking alone!

I've talked about the ocean enough on the blog.
I'm guessing you understand why it's my happy place. 

Hiking or Walking.
This was my saving grace during deployment.
Exercise, fresh air, and scenery.
Instant mood booster.

Hello, random people in my pictures!
Don't you love when that happens?
 Anyways... I love Disneyland. Always makes me happy.
My husband is the only thing standing in the way of my annual pass.
He doesn't get the whole adults at Disney thing.
We'll just call him the Joy Stealer.

Oh yes, I have more.
A trip to Target or the bookstore or even just the library. Instant calming effect.
 Funny movies and music work too.
And I never discount the value of time spent with friends.
Or my kids...most of the time...when they are being sweet or silly.

That's my list. Ten things which make me smile (most days). Now, it's time for you to dish.

Do you feel these same moods? What are your secrets in combating them?

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  1. YAY for Cancer FREE!! Congrats!! Great to hear that lady :) xoxo

  2. YAY!!! :) So happy to hear that! Yes, Disneyland can make anyone happy. :)

  3. YES! Great news cancer free!!! So happy to hear!

  4. So happy to hear about your husband!! I also happen to be a joy stealer. Not that I don't get it for adults, I'm just not all that interested in going myself.

  5. Wonderful news!! Congratulations!! And seriously, that walking trail looks amazing!!

  6. So happy to hear that! Hallelujah! xoxox

  7. I'm with you on the coffee and wine, can't start the day without caffeine!