Sunday, May 26, 2013

Yesterday At San Clemente Beach Trail

Back to the San Clemente Beach Trail.
Not sure if you remember the kids and I walked this trail in January. Posted HERE.
However, we missed all the little unbeaten paths off the main trail.

We spent most of our time in caves. 
The kids loved squeezing into these little spaces to hide.

San Clemente Beach Trails has some pretty amazing viewpoints.
There are always lots of surfers taking advantage of the waves. 
We can't help but sit and watch.
None of us surf or have every tried it.
I think it's make it all the more interesting.

Except for Derrick who would much rather throw rocks in the ocean than sit still.
Good thing the beach was empty and there were plenty of rocks.

Always need a picture of the girls.
We are outnumbered. It's a rough life.
Feel sorry for us.

What a picture. I really lucked out in catching this one. 
I couldn't pose them better myself. 
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  1. Wow this place looks amazing! :) Love the pictures.

  2. Such a beautiful place! looked like fun!