Friday, May 3, 2013

Things That Make Me Go... Whoa!

I have been needing something lately to distract me from the daily daily. It gets a bit overwhelming for me at times and I'm honestly sick of all the waiting and testing and worry. If you are lost at this point, please go read this post. Sorry to be so evasive but I'm honestly tired. I am ready to shift the focus. Lighten things up. And bring some joy back to the blog. Whose with me?!?

I've decided to take a blogging challenge. Not a challenge I created (like in February) but a challenge by another blogger. The challenge is Everyday in May. It's a month of prompts to encourage writing on a daily basis. I read through the daily prompts and I'm looking forward to getting a little more nitty gritty over here.

I promise to only do this explanatory post once during the month of May. Tomorrow I'm going to jump right into the topic and pretend all these great prompts are my own creative thinking.

Today I'm confessing what makes me uncomfortable. Which isn't a long list. I'm pretty easy going and accepting of weirdness. But I do admit I am a scaredy cat. Like, way big paranoia type scaredy cat. If you are too, please comment so I don't feel like I'm total crazy! Puh-lease!

I hate being out at night. I pretty much feel like serial killers are stalking me. They follow me to Target and wait in the parking lot for 3 hours until I'm done shopping. Then as I'm walking to my car, they look for a perfect opportunity to steal me. Because that is who serial killers seek who shop at Target at 8 o clock at night. We are a desirable bunch. I'm thinking it's the ponytail? Or maybe the ponytail WITH headband? Or just the sneakers?

Speaking of weirdos at discount stores... I'm talking about the serial killers, not me...I hate using public bathrooms because I also know serial killers hang out in bathrooms. Target, Macys, Souplantation. The more populated and well lit. The more attracted those crazy people are! It makes perfect sense. Get your discount buffet on, then attack people in the restroom on the way out!

Clearly, I would not make a great serial killer.

On to less dramatic things which make me look less psychotic. Big dogs make me a bit uncomfortable. Swimming in oceans, lakes, or rivers make me cringe. I'm always waiting for something to brush against my leg. Which totally freaks me out. I'm uncomfortable eating things growing in the wild, even if you tell me it's safe. I always think I'm going to eat the one thing that is the poisonous look alike.

I'm thinking at this point I've probably run off a handful of my loyal readers! I didn't realize I had so many quirks. I justify them so well. Just kidding. I'm laughing at myself. It's weird I know. I really should have went with the simple stuff. Let's forget all the things I just shared.

You know what really makes me uncomfortable?

Tight jeans. Aren't they the worst?

How about wearing high heels for longer than two hours? Kills my feet and my calves.

Oh, what about full on MAC makeup in the daytime? Muy Malo.

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  1. Your list made me smile....but I also found myself knowing just what you meant!!

    I didn't think much made me uncomfortable until I started writing about it!!

  2. Big dogs also make me uncomfortable...especially when they are around my little dogs. Thanks for sharing your list, I'm tempted to make my own now!

  3. Hahaha!! I love this, especially the first part. I'm convinced that the murder/rapists are out to get me as well. If I stepped outside, they'd be waiting in the bushes to get me..

  4. I got to your blog from the I Love My Post blog hop and just started following on google friend connect. I completely understand being paranoid when you're out at night. I live in a safe neighborhood, but creepers and crazies are everywhere these days!

    Ashley @

  5. I don't spend much time thinking about serial killers, but I do hate tight jeans. Can't we just live in yoga pants? I think they are one of the best inventions of the last hundred years.

    Good luck with those shopping trips. Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  6. I always worry about something brushing up against me in the ocean. If I go snorkeling with a group (which we have done on vacation), I am freaked out the entire time although I love it because it is so fascinating. I know that sounds wierd.

  7. Ha! Full on MAC makeup is only for the night- I agree... and even then I can't pull it off!

  8. Ha ;)) Nice post

    New follower from I love my post