Monday, May 27, 2013

A Letter For You

May 27, 2013

Dear Reader,

Hello! How are you today? I am fine. Today is Memorial Day. As a military family, you better believe we take time to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. It's a personal story for us. We have personally lost Marines in battle and cried with their families. We've attended the services and shed tears. It's a sad day and a proud one.  It's wonderful to be a part of something so meaningful and important.

Today is also my birthday. Yay me! I like birthdays. And it's actually a bit annoying when others blow their day off as 'just another day'. I feel like everyone deserves at least one day to be celebrated. I like to drag it out as long as I can. We usually make a weekend out of it. Mostly because it's a holiday and the unofficial start of summer. You can't help but feel festive. I couldn't imagine if my birthday was at Christmas time. I might have to declare a birthday month! I hope you December babies do that!

As you can see I'm a rambler. I just go off on tangents and talk about random crap no one cares about. It's been brought to my attention several times. To stay on track, I really need to get back to the point of this letter. To thank you.

Thank you for taking time to stop by this blog and read along with this silly life I lead. I'm not sure what brings you back but I hope it's worthwhile. I could never imagine how life changing blogging could be. But I tell you, the person writing this blog today is not the same person who started it. I have found my voice through writing. Thank you for listening.

And thank you for your comments and your interaction. You give this blog dimension. You validate my emotions when I think I'm losing my mind. You laugh with me over my crazy children when I want to scream. I am so lucky to have you all. I hope you stick around for part two (or year two) of this journey. And don't be afraid to throw a comment or two my way! It helps me know I'm not talking to the wall like I feel around here.

Lots of Love,


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  1. Happy Birthday girl!!! And Happy Memorial day! God bless all our soldiers!