Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gratitude Journal

This picture just sings Fall, doesn't it? My favorite time of year. I am so thankful our temperatures have dropped over the last few days to give us the SoCal version of Autumn. It may still be 70-plus degrees but I'll take it. There is a coolness in the breeze which always brings me back to my childhood in Iowa. The changing of seasons from Summer-Fall-Winter lasts about 90 minutes there but I still have such great memories. And when I start thinking about home, then I start missing my family. Which starts all kinds of other thoughts and feelings. It's like the childrens' book "If you Give a Mouse A Cookie...", with me and my mind. It's a little out of control. Just ask my husband. 

I am grateful for old friends. This week one of our all time favorite neighbors, who have now moved to Texas, came to town. It just made my day to see them again. They both are such fun and good natured people. So lucky to know them!

I am grateful for emails from my husband. At this point, it's our only source of communication. *sigh* Not the most ideal way to communicate in marriage, so I don't recommend voluntarily doing this. When it's the only way, roll with it. There are days when there is no email and there are days when I wake up with  many emails. And that is a good day!

I am grateful for a day spent by the pool. Is there anything more relaxing than chatting it up poolside with a girl friend while the kids burn off their energy swimming?!? Um, no. Some people are blessed with the gift of hospitality, my friend is one of those people. Hanging at her house is always low key and comfortable. Plus we always manage to talk for hours about an endless supply of conversation topics. 

I am grateful for Friday Fellowship with an eclectic group of military wives. It's the highlight of my week. I have found it so important to "touch base" with other Christian women weekly as I continue to grow in my faith. There is a certain comfort and accountability I feel in this setting. We have been living in California for over a year and this is the first group I have found that seems like the right fit.

I am grateful for a book called Faith Deployed. This book seems to hit every emotion I have been feeling during the first three weeks of deployment. If I'm having a particularly lonely day, then I manage to read about loneliness. If I am feeling envious over my husband's life at sea, I find the daily read is about resentment. I have been doing this military wife thing for 13 years and deployment doesn't get easier. I guess a person just gets better at dealing with it. And sometimes that doesn't happen either. It's good to have resources which validate what I am feeling and give me info on dealing with it.

I am always grateful you stop by and read my gratitude journal posts. I hope you are inspired to do the same. Are you keeping a gratitude journal too? Or do you find yourself reflecting on your blessings more often? Please share in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you! 



  1. A gratitude journal, what a wonderful idea!! Let me know if you ever start a gratitude linky, I will definitely link up!

    I am grateful for my wonderful son and husband!

    1. I am definitely working on that linkup. And thank you for sharing what you are grateful for. I love the postivity!

  2. I am happy to hear you have found a group that 'fits'...what an important resource.
    i am grateful we had a break in the weather least for a bit :)
    Wishing you a good weekend!