Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday...18

This week, our weather was perfect! I got to pull out my "winter" clothes which included sweaters, jackets, and jeans. I can't wait until I can cover up every day! It doesn't look like anytime soon. The weekend forecast says 90 degree days. I'm sure someone freezing their bottom off wants to say choice words. But really, there must be some place, preferably in the US, which is between freezing cold and too hot. Where is this elusive place? I really want to live there!


Blazer- ATL
Shirt- ATL
Jeans- Calvin Klein


Sweater- Banana Republic
Jeans- 7 for All Mankind

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  1. Both outfits are cute! I love the Argyle sweater.

  2. Thanks ladies. This is my first argyle anything. I've been waiting patiently to wear it. So glad our weather gave us a break this week!

  3. cute!! I nominated you for the Liebster award... hope you join in!! :)

  4. I think that elusive place may be somewhere in Florida - or Hawaii! You are looking cute this week, my friend! Love the blazer!