Friday, October 5, 2012

Confessional Friday #5

Sometimes you stop by this blog on Friday and see my phone pics. Other weeks, a confessional. And yet occasionally on Friday, I have nuthin'. How do I decide, you ask? It all rides on if I have pics. This week I do not. Sad but true. I don't know what my kids will think when they look back on their lives and find a whole week undocumented by photos. I guess the college fund can always be turned into therapy funds, if needed.

Today I am linking up with Leslie at A Blonde Ambition to release all my secret thoughts and mild annoyances from the week. Don't look down on me. I know you have them too. 


I confess...I have been getting my Zumba on this week. I will not be embarrassed. It happens to the best of us. 

I confess...I now have a love-hate relationship with Zumba. I love the dancing. I love the Latin flare. I love the upbeat music. I love there is always someone acting a fool to divert the attention away from myself. I hate that I can not shake my lower body in a way that looks normal. I hate that I cannot move my hips to the left. I hate that when everyone is headed right, I am headed left. I hate the instructor is my age and looks 10 years younger than me.

I confess...that while I understand the instructor would like us "to shake it like nobody is watching". I. am. watching.  And some people are really entertaining. Ladies, as much as you think you are channeling Shakira or're not. It's a little awkward. Aren't people doing mirror checks? Isn't that like the first rule of dance? Hence the mirror lined walls?!?

I confess...while I understand it might seem a little creepy that I admit I watch other people in Zumba class. I only do it because I have no clue what the heck I'm doing. Or...their arms are flailing about with no concept of beat or rhythm. Bottom line, if someone honestly wants to be entertained, they should just watch me. No joke!

With all this exercise, you would think I need more sleep. This week sleep has not come easy. I am internalizing all kinds of stress which manifests into some crazy dreams.

I confess...Wednesday night was another sleepless night brought on by another bad dream. In this dream, I went off and married someone else. My reason?...this deployment was taking too long. So hubby better watch it 'cause my subconscious apparently has a timeline. *JK*

I confess...due to the lack of adult companionship in the house at night AND no cable. I am filling my evenings with Pinterest and Polyvore.  Save yourself some time and follow me on Pinterest. I'm pinning an insane amount of crap I will never make, cook, or wear. As a public service, I am asking you to 'pin' these Polyvore outfits because I'm tired of seeing the same outfit pop up on the Women's Fashions board every single day. Ya know the one! Chambray shirt, white layered tank, black leggings, boots. It's cute. We got it! Move on. 


I confess...I'm finished. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!


  1. You know what's crazy?! I had a similar dream to yours when Kyle was deployed!!!

    1. That is crazy! As much as we tell ourselves it not a long time and it will go by fast, our subconscious knows better!

  2. I want to try Zumba so bad! But I can't convince myself to pay for a gym membership. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hardly make or wear any of the stuff I pin on pinterest either, but it makes me feel crafty/fashionable.

  3. I would love to try Zumba, but I'm too scared that I'm going to look like an idiot.

    1. You should Kaye. I think everyone looks silly at first. If you could be in my class, you would definitely feel comfortable. I look pretty stiff and silly! But I always get my heart rate up and work up a sweat. So it's worth it!