Friday, October 19, 2012

Confessional (Insta)Friday

My day started with a prayer, "Thank you, God, for Friday". Not really sure why I am so thankful for this day. It's not like I work a Monday through Friday job. Or have a husband who has the weekend off. Maybe I'm just glad I will be able to entertain my kids ALL day for the next two days in 90 degree heat/humidity? Or, maybe, I have finally fallen (or more like been pushed) off the deep end? 

Regardless of how or why, I am happy to be linking up with Leslie at A Blonde Ambition and InstaFriday at Life Rearranged. I love both of these link ups so much, I can't decide where to linkup on Fridays. Thus the hybrid Confessional (Insta)Friday. TA-DA!

I confess...I was super excited to have my parenting evaluated by a random neighborhood child this week. "Oh, you say, I'm an overprotective mom" because "my 9 year old can't ride his bike around the entire housing area and down to the lake" without adult supervision? Baby girl, that's not being overprotective. That's called parenting. And your parents 'trust in you' is called complacency at my house.

I confess...that I understand some people are incredibly fortunate to live in an area where they can 'trust' their nine year olds to have free range of the neighborhood or small town in which they live. But I don't always feel safe here, with reports of missing/abducted/murdered children posted weekly. I'm good with overprotective. 

I has been a rough week, again. Yes, starting to feel a tad pathetic. As a result, my self-inflicted wine ban had to be broken. And my chardonna-nay was delish! I had high expectations of pouring a full glass and enjoying every drop. But halfway through I was over it and poured half the glass back in the bottle. Um, sorry I don't waste that stuff! 

I confess...the cute boy with the signature art is an artistic genius. Can you tell? I am photographing all artwork and emailing it to my husband. He's connected and I can get rid of paper piles. Win-win.

I confess...the yummy caramel corn above was too much to resist. I managed to walk away with just one. My mind is a-turnin' and I think I'm going to attempt to make Chocolate Maple Pecan Crunch. What do you think?

I confess...those napkins make me smile. Can you relate?

I confess...I'm making one more plug for my Sunday Gratitude Linkup. Please come back this Sunday and link up your gratitude, reflection, and other positive posts with me. My goal is to create a community of bloggers who want to spread joy to others (even on the tough weeks)!



  1. Wait why is a random child evaluating your parenting? And where do you live, sounds like a lot of scary stuff there!

    I love popcorn. Corn makes up the bottom of my food pyramid without a doubt.

    1. Not sure about the random child. I guess she wanted to go on a bike ride with my son. She was pretty disappointed to find out it was only going to be down the street and back :/ And we live in Southern California. It seems like every week there is someone dead or missing within a 20 mile radius. Not a big fan!

  2. That popcorn looks so yummy!

    Hope you're having a good weekend and here's to a better week next week.