Friday, October 12, 2012

Confessional Friday #6

It's Link Up Day at A Blonde Ambition. Which means I am unleashing my inner diva who sadly gets suppressed most of the week. Time to confess the dirty little secrets chipping away at my good conscience.

I much as I'd like to be dubbed the fun mom. Our trip to the zoo only happened because of the kids' free admission this month. That's right kids, fun mom has left the building. 
I the zoo when my daughter decided to misread the map, debate my ability to read a map correctly, and head the opposite direction to the giraffes anyways. I took a seat on the curb and waited the 5 minutes it took her to figure out that I am right and I will always be right. 

I confess...when she came back with her head hanging. I did ask her if she found the giraffes. In which she responded, "I thought YOU said the giraffes were that way". And in that moment, she reminded me of her father.

I confess...I love my husband. Even when he can't admit I'm right. 

After our holiday fun at the zoo, the kids are back to their routine and I am spending a lot of time job hunting. Oh the joy! Love being back in the midst of resumes and interviews and job postings. I love competing with 100 people for the same position.

I confess...job hunting is over rated. I really want to hire someone who will find someone to hire me. This economy sucks. 

I confess...I have now driven 20 miles to a nameless HR department- twice- to take a employment proficiency test. Only to be turned away TWICE because I have misunderstood their website. Ugh! Clearly when the website says Take the test, then apply. It means Apply, then take the test. Clearly.

I confess...when the admin person told me I needed to come back a third time to take the test, I gave her a look of disgust. Opps! Note to self: Not the best time to be expressing emotion. 

I confess...after yesterday's downpour and temperature that fell below 70. I am depressed to think that was our one shot at Autumn. Great job SoCal. Glad to see you're attention deficit on your seasons too.

Speaking of California, I confess I am so disgusted by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I can't believe he was our governor. And now his 600 pages of crap?!? Makes me sick.

*Deep breath. Exhale* Oh that feels so much better.



  1. You are still a fun mom even if you don't think you are! they got to go :)

  2. You are most definitely a fun Mom! :)

  3. I love this! Honestly is the best quality in a blog LOL