Monday, May 1, 2017

Fire Pits. Smores. And Other Summer Things.

Oh, yes, the weather got a whole lot warmer this week. 
The humidity is back in full force.
We are doing all the summer things! 
Fire pit ✔ Smores ✔ Beach ✔

This is where North Carolina shines bright :)
Minus the humidity, there always needs to be the disclaimer for humidity ;)
As I write this on a Saturday afternoon in April, it's 80 degrees with 77 percent humidity which makes it feel like 85.

Perfect weather for outdoor birthday parties. One of my favorite military life occurrences is when friends move where you move. These friends were part of our group in California and moved to North Carolina 6 months before us. Even though, we have lived here for a year, we have attended almost every one of their birthday parties. 

And then, we have the beach. Always needing a trip to the beach.
Saturday evening we went for a walk and 
Sunday we were back again.

 Sunday called for all the beach things. 
The water is getting warmer, so there will be more swimming.

Or lying on boogie boards taking a nap??
He just does his own thing.
All the time.
Do you have a child like that?

Just a tad bit windy.

The kids ask, "Why is it always so windy when we go to the beach?"
The weather and water are warm but it's still spring. 
I always feel like spring and wind go together. Storms and rain. It's spring! The weather is still working out it's kinks. 

Honestly, though Colorado had snow. The midwest had rain. My weather app said Temecula was 45 degrees overnight. And here we are in NC swimming at the beach at 6pm. I think we have it pretty good ;) 

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  1. You can never ever go wrong with s'mores!!! So fun!

  2. That looks like such a good, relaxing, soul-rejuvenating weekend! We had crazy wind, snow and rain in Idaho - what a send-off for our last weekend! But it would get nice for an hour or two each day so we could get our walk in and were able to join some friends and their kid at a local park for a bit! I'm definitely ready for spring and summer weather though!

  3. Those look so yummy! Even in the summer I think the beach is super windy!

  4. I love that fire pit - we need one of those. You are totally right about the humidity - IT'S BAAAACK!! Are the kids almost done with school? Around here, I think ours have 3 more weeks!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  5. Love s'mores! Love the beach! Love outdoor activities! I should move to where you are!

  6. Hooray for just getting to spend some time outside during the summer! We've always wanted a fire pit and I know that a big reason why I want one is so that I can make s'mores! They're just so good!