Friday, May 12, 2017

Travels. Love. And Wedding Bliss.

Spring in Iowa. Dandelion covered fields of green. This is my home state at its finest! My coastal city kids love it! Charlie dog does too! On our very long road trip to Iowa last weekend we took the time to lunch in a wildflower covered field. I think this is what would Thumper would call a meadow (total Bambi movie reference).
We loved it!

Someone didn't think riding in the car for 18 hours was so terrible.

Stopping in Virginia for a break. 
Virginia is for lovers. That is the state motto.
It didn't dawn on me how appropriate a LOVE picture is on our way to a wedding. Our whole trip had a love theme ;)

My kids are weird.

We rolled into town just in time for the wedding rehearsal.
How is this for Iowa cliche?
My sister was married at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in the Agriculture building.
Where they keep the butter cow 😆
Go big or go home, right?

Just to clarify, this was my much younger sister's wedding.
My first time being a bridesmaid (which was fun). However, standing up front with 25 year olds, not as fun. Literally, everyone in the wedding party was 25 years old. I felt like their mom. Haha

Age is only a number... says people who hang out 
with other people their own age.
Sometimes, you just have to own it like the rock star you are.

So, own it I did!
We loved every minute of celebrating with my sister and my new brother.
He is in for such a treat with us. He doesn't even know it yet!

Ready for more Iowa cliche-ness?
A tractor at the ceremony.
This tractor has been witnessing marriages of grandchildren for 18+ years.
One cousin started it and then it became a thing.
So yes, a tractor did pull my wedding party around on a hay wagon in 1999.

To end the night, we partied and danced until the stroke of midnight.
Yes, we Chicken danced and Boot Scooted like good farm kids.
So much fun with family!

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  1. Lovely! And I love your sister's dress. You look beautiful!
    I'm from rural Pennsylvania and our weddings are the same :)

  2. What a gorgeous dress! Love the farm theme. :) Glad y'all had fun!