Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Top 3 Tuesday

Hello, empty beach chair. I miss you! I promise we will not waste this whole week of perfect beach days in the classroom :)

May is one of the very best months. The weather hints at summer more and more every day. I am loving shades of green, the flowers, and my most favorite, NO HUMIDITY! I thought long and hard about what to share with you on this fine May day. I'm sharing the Top 3 things I'm loving today.


Birthday Dress

I want this dress in the most unjustified way!

Dinner Tonight
I am attempting this recipe for our dinner tonight.
It might not be as pretty but I'm sure it will be delicious.

Reading Lately

This racy book is pushing me outside my comfort zone.
The writing is so entertaining, I keep coming back for more.

What are your Top 3 today?
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  1. That dress is adorable! I love yellow but it seldom looks good on me. Hope those tacos turn out! The look delish!

  2. Oh that dress! I love the color and the style! It really is perfect.

  3. So, how were the tacos? They look really good in that picture!

  4. That dress is so classic and fun! Love the yellow. :)