Tuesday, May 23, 2017

StitchFix May 2017

Some things are guaranteed in life. The sun will rise; the sun will set. Every year you will have a birthday. And for me, when the birthday comes there will always be a StitchFix box on the front porch :)

It's a little gift I started giving myself in 2014.
I've added the links for previous Birthday Fixes.

My favorite items I received this month made up this outfit here.

The yellow top is Daniel Rainn Wilkie Split Neck Top paired with 
Kut from the Cloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jeans.
I am such a sucker for StitchFix denim! If you send it, I will buy!
My stylist finds the perfect fits for me. And I certainly appreciate it.
Is there anything worse than shopping for jeans?

#2 Papermoon Manresa Crew Neck Zip Up Top

I love the neon breezy tank top with the zipper front. I just wasn't wild about the print. I have something personal against chevrons. It is unwarranted and silly but I do. 
The overall look was cute for summer.

#3 Daniell Rain Tanzelle Sleeve Blouse

The crochet detail is perfection.

I love the color and the front detail.

#4 Skies Are Blue Izora Lave Detail Knit Romper

I love the periwinkle blue and the crochet details on the shoulders.

Summer + Rompers = 💙

Overall, a fun birthday gift to receive this month! I always love adding new pieces to my wardrobe.
If you are interested in checking out StitchFix, you can use this referral code (if you'd like):

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  1. I love that first top! The color is perfect on you! :)

  2. That marigold top is awesome! I am too cheap to buy the Stitchfix clothes, but they are super cute- your stylist does a great job!

  3. Ok, so its a little less orange than in the other photo I saw. I like it more when I see it in this photo! I LOVE the top with the pattern, but I get how it can be a bit much. The crochet detail on the other top is adorable, I need some of those in my life!