Monday, May 15, 2017

Someone Had A Very Good Week

This girl had a very good week! Over the past 7 days (plus a couple more), she has reaped the rewards for years of hard work. I couldn't be more happy or proud to see her recognized.

Early in the week, she was inducted into the National Honor Society. 
She has worked hard and challenged herself with some pretty tough classes. 
This is a great opportunity to help with her college goals.
She amazes me all the time with her accomplishments. I wish I had been a smart about things when I was her age :)

Later in the week, she found out she made captain of the color guard.  This is a goal she set for herself freshman year. She had her heart set on it. When we learned we would be moving, she was confident captain was not a reality anymore. Regardless, Ky continued to work hard and commit to her new team.

A few weeks before try-outs rumors started to churn in her social circles and some mean things were said from people she considered friends. Pretty much along of the lines of "Who does she think she is? To try for captain when she hasn't lived here that long." Kyli was hurt. And I was furious. I hate when my kids get punished for our military life. We reasoned these are just high school kids who have never had to move in their life. They don't understand. It's not these kids' fault they have to move all the time. Thankfully military kids aren't going to let that minor detail prevent them from reaching their goals. They are just going to work harder! Luckily, her band director didn't share those same feelings as her peers. He recognized her hard work and devotion to her sport :) 

After all the good news in North Carolina, we traveled to Iowa 
to celebrate my sister's wedding.
Kyli loved dancing the night away and having our extended family 
dote on her for 24 hours. 
Everyone loves Kyli :) And she loves everyone.

To finish her week of awesome, Kyli went to her junior prom with 
a group of friends.
She has a great time and claimed she danced every song.

Who doesn't have great memories of prom?

Such a fun week (and a couple days) of goodness sprinkled over Ky's life.
I love sharing and recording these moments to look back on with her!

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  1. Your daughter is a rock star!! I hate school sports/activities. It's all politics! She looks gorgeous. Love her prom dress!

  2. Kyli looked stunning at her prom, and what a great way to cap off an awesome week. Kids can be so mean, but I'm so glad she doesn't let it get her down - congrats on receiving captain honors, Kyli!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  3. Wow! What an incredible week Kyli had. That's so awesome. I'm sorry some "friends" had to be downers and say those things, but I am so glad she is persevering and being the captain! How amazing. Sounds and looks like she had a great time at prom. :)

  4. YAY for making captain and BOO for those nasty girls. You are so right, people who've never experienced moving don't get it and teenage girls are just awful. It's sad but true. We sure lived through our fair share of girl drama for Katie's 3 years of high school here in CA. YUCK! Kyli looked stunning for prom!