Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Got My Hair Did!

Is there anything better than having your hair done?  I think it must be top five on my favorite ways to be pampered list. Plus, my hair never looks quite as good when I do it at home. First, I cannot get it as shiny and you should know I love shiny hair. Nor can I get it as straight. Which is super frustrating too.
Have you ever seen the question:  If you could have a chef, masseuse, or housekeeper for a year, what would you choose? All of those are very tempting but I think I would choose a hairstylist. I'm just not a big fan of doing my hair. I have to cut my hair just to keep from defaulting to a ponytail. I really do that!

Check my sidebar to see who these lovely ladies are!

This month's blate {blogger + blate} was so very appealing to me!  Katie over at Going Coastal with the Plumes set up an afternoon at a nearby blow dry salon. Our growing group of San Diego area military spouse bloggers met on a Sunday afternoon to mingle, be primped, and pampered by the Blo Blow Dry Bar staff. For two hours, we sipped champagne, nibbled on chocolate covered strawberries and homemade cookies, and took turns letting the stylist do their magic.

Seriously, the whole concept of a styling salon is genius to me! A menu of style choices was the best! Glam, Beachy, Posh, or Casual. Those aren't the official names but the styles run the gamut on personal preference. I went with the beach waves. A style I have not mastered on my own. I think it was the best choice.

I love experiencing this salon with a group of girls. As always, it was fun and lighthearted. Much nicer to share a station with a new friend than alone. In fact, my new friend, Jordan from Embrace the Adventure, was a blogger I had never "met". By met I really mean read her blog. Jordan is such a ball of energy and definitely a new blog worth reading!

Maybe the pocketbook can't handle weekly trips to the blow bar. However, I know where I will be getting my hair done for the Marine Corps Ball! I swear between Rent The Runway and Blo bars, I will actually look forward November!



  1. I would love to get my hair to hold a bit of curl! No matter what I try, it is stick straight. Yours looks great!!

  2. Yay! It was so fun and your hair looked fabulous! How long did it last?!

  3. I'm ready to go back! I need to find an excuse to get my hair gone now.

  4. How beautiful - that choice looks awesome on you! I can't wait to get out there & join you guys :D