Saturday, February 15, 2014

Post Valentine Day

How was your Valentine's Day? Were you wined and dined? Cozy at home? Red hot candlelight night? Never mind, I really don't want to know that! We kept it low key at home and I was ok with that.

I'm not sure if it's our age or the fact we've been married forever. But the whole romantic lovey-dovey day has lost its significance. Any day we aren't getting on each other's nerves is considered Valentine's Day around here. Partially kidding. Honestly, we do the whole buy-a-gift thing but that is about it. I really don't mind. Yes, I like Valentine's Day. Yes, I gift my husband and kiddos with chocolate. I usually plan a special dinner. I love an excuse to spoil my family. 

I am not noble and selfless and say crap like, "Flowers are a waste of money" or "The holiday is created to make money." We live in American people. Everything is created to make money. I  am the type of wife who wants her husband to buy her something. And when I say something, I really mean flowers. And chocolates would be nice too. But he doesn't. I take that back, he intends to buy the chocolates the night before if I ride along. In which, I feel What's the point? Because now I know what I am getting and I have to go with you to get them. 

I suggest a bottle of wine instead. Because that store is only 5 minutes away versus 25 minutes and I don't have to ride along to get that gift. Plus, I can totally eat the chocolates I bought him a week ago and he can have some of my wine! So we compromise (well... one of us compromises). It works. 

We cozied up on the couch and dug into the chocolates, enjoyed a glass of my favorite South Coast Cabernet Sauvignon, and watched Ellen. See, that is where my husband earns all his sweet wonderful husband points because he spoils me like that. But just once I'd like the flowers! Then he snapped some pictures of me so I could write something on my blog since I don't do that much anymore. Always looking out for me!

The great finale to our uber romantic evening... my husband falling asleep on the couch watching home reno shows and me catching up on my blog reading. I guess this is how old married people do Valentine's Day. Or maybe it's just this old married couple? Either way, it's working for us.


  1. Your valentines day was a lot better than mine! Mine consisted of working 1pm-10pm and crying in an office for 45 mins. Haha.

    I wasn't crying over my poor heart - I have a chest infection and I felt really ill so I just cried, then could not stop. It was not very professional at all. Ha.

    Corinne x

  2. Well it looks like a wonderful way to spend the day to me!

  3. We've only been married 5 years, but it was the same for us.. I like being boring.

  4. What a perfect night :-) Oh how I miss Southcoast winery!!!!