Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rock Mountain Preserve Trailhead

The plan was to have a relaxing weekend. It may not have been relaxing in the sense of curling up on the couch with my book and hanging out in my yoga pants but I still enjoyed myself. And I felt pretty good starting this work week. In fact, I text my husband today saying I had fun this weekend.  Of course, there was a shopping trip (the first in the new year) that he gets no credit for. But the hike was all his planning. 

I always get a little nervous when my husband picks out the trails. He loves the path less traveled. I always get a little anxious when he announces we are hiking a new trail. Which is a surprise until we pull up and the sign looks like the above. Maybe there is one beat up car parked in the lot. I admit, I say a little prayer it's not a mass murderer. The thoughts cross my mind. 

Sometimes, I think the husband would much rather make is own trail than hike a pre-existing one. Which is kind of fun to consider and freaky all at the same time. But he gets us very close to no trails. From now on when you see a post with this rugged terrain, you will know who picked it.

It was a fairly short hike. A third mile up the hill or half mile down to the creek. Either direction the trail was steep and rocky.  Fallbrook is all steep and rocky. 

The view half way up the trail. Lots of farms around.

A little closer to the top. Things got a little rocky. Ky and I were rethinking going to the top.

It's hard to quit when you are so close to the end of the trail. 
Sweet victory to get a picture at the (almost) top.
The hill behind us was the top but it wasn't family friendly climbing to get over there. So we settled for the almost top.


  1. Looks like fun! I miss hiking. Now is the perfect time of year but my hubby is working weekends so we never have the same days off. May need to take some leave soon....

    My Wholesome Home

  2. I miss that beautiful California scenery - but I am happy reliving it through your blog! We don't have many hiking trails around here, but we will keep trying to find new off the beaten path type places. The kids think its fun, which is a big bonus.

  3. I wish we had nature trails to hike in these parts! Where's the puppy? I didn't see her on this adventure!lol! Hugs! Merry

  4. Wow what a beautiful place, we love finding cool and new trails to explore.

  5. SO pretty! I want the weather to warm up so we can get outside again!