Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Assumption

Here is a great illustration of the consequence of assuming. This one makes me chuckle especially after the repeated lows of last week. Never underestimate the things that can go awry when kids get their hands on glitter. While having a little arts and crafts session with my kinders on Friday, I mistakingly assumed my careful instructions for glitter use were understood.

"Shake the glitter. Don't remove the white top. Got it, J?"

An eager nod was my answer.

I moved on to the next child needing my assistance. Only a quarter way around the table from J, I carefully examined a watercolor tray to point out purple for another student. It took me just short of 10 seconds before heading back to J and finding the mess below.

"Ms. F, can you help me?" Big brown eyes pleading. A project covered in glitter.

"What happened J? Did the top fall off?" He nods. "Were you shaking the glitter?" More nodding.

"I took the top off and it all fell out. Three times." He revealed. That's right. 

Red. Blue. Silver. Completely empty.


  1. Glitter...the gift that keeps on giving

  2. My daughter got a nail polish contraption for Christmas that includes glitter! Last weekend I heard hr in the dining room asking her brothers if they wanted to have their fingernails "glitterized." I just rolled my eyes and informed her that she would be vacuuming later!!