Monday, February 17, 2014

House Inspiration

Are you ready to talk house stuff? It has been awhile. I'm starting to get excited about house stuff again. We went into freeze mode for a few months with Christmas becoming a priority. Our kids like gifts so we thought we should buy some. Which means we don't buy anything else until we've crossed off the entire list. 

March is around the corner and life has slowed down a bit. We have been thinking about renovations. The big question is What to do next? What is worth doing when we consider reselling. My husband loves thinking about renovations and doing the work himself. I'm not really sure where I stand. It's fun but overwhelming. I care more about paint and furniture. He is more about tearing stuff up and replacing it. He thinks we are going to pull up all the carpet in our downstairs and replace with wood flooring. He says it's going to be easy. I'm not really sure what the easy part is??? It sure doesn't sound easy! I would rather watch. I can be the cheerleader. I can hand him stuff. I'm hoping that is what he means by we

He is focused on the floors. He wants to replace the floors soon. We were a little unsure about our color so I suggested going to some nearby model homes for inspiration. Visiting these model homes is like stepping right on a real life Pinterest board. Everything is perfect. I have so much fun going through these homes and getting ideas. I'm sure you remember my first post and second. Wouldn't it be great if these model home tours were like a thing? A ladies night out thing where they served wine, appetizers, and teach you how to decorate your home? I would so be on board.

We went to a few tracks. I took some pictures. This is one of my favorites. I love the built in shelving. I think this would work in our red room. We haven't quite figured out what to do with the space. I would like to make it into a reading room but not sure how much we would use it. I've thought about a craft room. Again not sure how much we would use it. Maybe a sitting room? I think we would use a sitting room. I think. It isn't an urgent decision since the flooring is going in first. But it would be nice to have a plan.

The next thing we saw in almost every house is tile work in the bathrooms. I love it. I want to put it in the kids' bathroom. The colored tile adds a little something extra. Their bathroom is almost identical to this one so it's easy to visualize how it would look. I'm not sure about colors yet. Right now we have monkeys with green and brown. I think my kids are outgrowing cartoon characters.  

I've been thinking about a bold color. Perhaps a shade of blue like the one below. I love the lime green as an accent color too. Although it might be a little too Seahawks for my kids though. My Broncos fan won't be to keen on Seahawks colors. It's a little to fresh in his mind. I've been considering grey and orange or grey and some bold blue color. Hmm...

Here is another quick change up for the kids bathroom. Drawer knobs. It adds a little something. Our house is so cookie cutter right now, we really to need to spruce it up with simple changes. 

Possible master bedroom colors. The orb lights are starting to grow on me. They are definitely trending now. The orb lights were in every house in almost every room. We might have to add one somewhere in this house.

I initially loved the cabinet color here with the stainless steel. However, I'm starting to lean towards black cabinets instead. Our flooring would be the color of the cabinets and we would have a darker color on the tiled backsplash. I'm guessing this will be happening in the next year. If the Marine Corps keeps my husband home. 

I took this picture for inspiration for our loft. I initially wanted a study space but my kids have rebelled against the idea. They do their homework at the kitchen table. Now I am thinking about creating a family space. A place where we can all be even if we are not doing the same things.  I want the oversized clock and the square coffee table for sure. 

We have so many ideas now for the house. We are going to be busy with lots of home reno projects! I am going to be the very best cheerleader for my husband while he executes every single one of them ;)


  1. I want to live in a model home. The furnished one. Just step right in. Ahh, dreaming...

  2. We went and looked at model homes when we were home by our parents. It was fun to dream and pick out everything we would do in the house we don't own yet. haha

  3. I love redecorating and remodeling, it's the worst part about renting!

  4. I love DIY home projects! We did a tile backsplash, and it was SOO easy to do ourselves. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do!

  5. Nice! I wish our home had more colors. But in base housing, you can't paint walls.

  6. I love that red stool used on the bathroom counter, what a creative way to add more counter space/create a shelf. I could use some house decorating inspiration. thank you!

  7. I agree. With all the plans you listed, all of you will be quite busy for a while. I just hope you’ll hire someone to help you with this to lessen the stress on your shoulders, and finish all the makeovers according to your time table. Good luck!

    Tamas Orban @ Palm Beach County Contractor