Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Break is Oh-ver

Today I'm back to work. *Insert big ole sad face*. I am so so very lucky to be on a student calendar (for the most part). I will have long breaks here and there. And when those breaks come along I am boycotting all forms of a schedule! All my big plans for enjoying life and going to my favorite restaurants for lunch on winter break went right out the window. I traded those things in for late nights, too many Target trips, and trying to get my house in order. Wee-ha! 

Now I am back to work and tomorrow I will finally have kids. The first kid day at our site. This is big! I am going to predict this week is going to be cray-zee. Send positives thoughts my way please. While we wait to see how this goes down, I thought I would give you an update on the site. Updated pictures of what I have done with two months of preparations.

My most favorite room at our site--the library.

Our main classroom which is where my desk is located.

Imaginative play area

 Manipulatives area

 Homework room. I've added a large Welcome sign across the back upper wall.

This is our science and rainy day room. This isn't the most up to date photo of this space. I'll have to share more recent pics soon.

I've added a little winter flare. We aren't so lucky to come by winter weather naturally. I must create a winter wonderland.

That is our space. Eek! I'm so nervous about tomorrow. I really want things to go smoothly. I've got a new position, a new site, new staff, and new kids all on one day. 
How do you think this is going to go? 

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  1. Sending prayers for a smooth week! All of my awesome winter plans went out the window too!

  2. It looks great!! Good Luck - I'm sure it will be a terrific week! :)

  3. Good luck!! Hoping things go smoothly for you!! :)

  4. So cute!! That's such a nice space. Have a wonderful week!

  5. Hope it's going well for you!! Such an exciting day!

    1. Things went great. I'm really enjoying working with kids.