Thursday, January 23, 2014

California Science Museum {Los Angeles}

As much as I research new things to explore in Southern California, I had never came across the California Science Museum. Being stationed at Camp Pendleton for so long, I thought I knew everything this area had to offer. I actually stumbled across this family friendly outing through Jenny's blog, Creatively Blooming. The thing that most caught my attention about this museum was the space ship on display. I was determined to cross See A Real Life Space Ship off my bucket list. *Not really sure it was on the list but I still wanted to see it.

Yes, I am a nerd. I really am. Things like space ships make me happy. And clap-your-hands excited. I've never seen a space ship before. Have you? I mean really, when do you get a chance? Unless you live in Texas or Florida, they aren't just parked around every corner! May I add the Endeavor did not disappoint. It's pretty amazing to see the whole thing up close and personal. We even got to touch all the materials that made up the body of the shuttle. Most of the stuff feels like housing insulation or packing materials. There is such a small percentage of the body made of actual metal. Which I guess makes sense but doesn't seem very durable when entering the atmosphere and such.

Whatever, the shuttle is made up of, it works. Who am I to say it doesn't make sense? I am not even a small percentage smart enough to begin to fathom how all that space stuff operates! No need though. I saw a space ship. In my book, that is like one step below an astronaut.

The museum is so much more than a space shuttle. Three floors of hands-on exhibits for kids. We rushed through a bit. We even skipped some exhibits. We were still there half of the day. There are IMAX movies and pay-per-play things, like climbing walls and hurricane simulators. Fun kid stuff. The museum itself is free which is pretty cool. There is a Natural History Museum next door which we didn't have time to check out and a big park across the street. The museums are located on the USC campus which is another place you could spend time exploring. I couldn't convince my family of how exciting walking around a college campus with your parents would be. Maybe when they are older?

My middle one loves science. He checks out every exhibit and figures out how it works. He actually gets it too. He is such a smarty. Just like his dad. Engineering minds. I just go around standing in front of the stuff that has big fans and let it whip my hair around. 

My daughter who is also very smart is more into the life sciences. Which works at this particular museum because she steals my camera and takes 142 pictures of rodents and reptiles. My favorite. I wonder what does one do with 142 pictures of mice and rodents?

Then there is the baby. Yes, he is smart but he doesn't care about science. He just wants to climb on stuff and touch everything. Even the untouchables. Grr. So he finds a nice dirty gritty rock outside and rubs every inch of bare skin on it. Just for good measure. He has a very healthy immune system.

Back to the museum, California Science Museum gets a triple stamp of approval!



  1. What a fun trip to the museum this looks like! How cool! I'm with your daughter and always end up taking a billion photos of animals whenever I have the opportunity... oops! :-P

  2. That looks like fun! I'll have to add it to my bucket list too.