Sunday, January 19, 2014

When It's Quiet Around Here

Hello all! I'm popping in for the simple fact that it has been awhile. I haven't felt life blog worthy these days. Life has been busy. Work mostly. Now that we have kids and staff at our site my workload increased. I like my job. It's a good fit. I'm still learning my responsibilities. Mostly about how to lead others and adapt to different learning styles. To stop assuming people know things and communicate expectations clearly. And always always have a backup saved on the computer. This week I've had to learn some tough lessons. I'm thankful for a three day weekend. Just what I need to regroup and start a new week re-energized!

My personal life seems to keep a similar pace. I still haven't figured out the artful balance of work and family. Maybe I will always struggle. I am not feeling quite adequate when it comes to homelife Monday through Thursday. I'm always questioning if dinner is making it to the table quick enough? Is each child getting equal mommy time every night? Am I still fulfilling my daughter duties by checking in? My friend duties by connecting every now and then? I'm trying to keep everything in perspective and not get too down on myself. I'm just hoping one of these days everything will just flow smoothly.

This week has been a mix of positive and negative emotions. My daughter had a particular rough week. She hasn't quite felt like she has found a group of girls she has connected with since our move. I knew she was struggling but I thought things had gotten better. She doesn't really have anyone she spends time out of school with which is a big difference from living on base. The girl has only really known base life surrounded by similar aged kids at any given time. I guess that is the luxury of base living, you  ensure a community of families with children. Tuesday night she got a little sad which in turn made me feel terrible. We made a plan to invite her group of school friends out for a girls day.

They went skating on Saturday. The biggest surprise was talking to a couple of the girls' moms and finding out their daughters had been feeling the exact same as Kyli. New to the community, missing old friends, and not feeling connected with anyone at the new school. I think it made Kyli feel better knowing what she was feeling was shared. I get so fooled by her independence these days. However I think she still needs her mom.

I also put on my big sister hat this week. The hat I wear when I'm giving the best advice I can summon for the particular situation. My little sister is dealing with a breakup. How can your heart not go out to someone in that situation? I think the majority of humans have dealt with a heartbreak or two. It takes me back to my own breakup first year of college and all the great advice I received but didn't know it was great advice. My sister asked me, "How do I get past this feeling of being so sad?" My best advice, Just Keep Swimming. I credit my life as a military wife for that life lesson. Life isn't always easy. Giving up isn't an option. The only thing that works is to keep moving forward no matter how slow going it is. I hate heartbreak. I wish I had the magic words that makes everything better. Does anyone know what they are???

By Friday things lightened up, I went to my first Origami Owl party. It was a much needed night spent with new friends. Saturday was Kyli's skating outing. Saturday night we celebrated the big 4-0 of a friend. Sunday was game day. I managed to slip out for a few hours to catch up with a friend. A friend who is welcoming her husband home today from Afghanistan!! Hurray! Sunday night we decided to go to dinner at a sports bar. A first for our family. We watched the 49ers and Seahawks battle it out with a loud crowd. Our kids thought it was the coolest thing when everyone would hoop and holler at every play.

Now you know why it has been quiet around here. No great adventures. Just life. Today we are venturing out to the California Science Center. I'll be sure to share pictures soon.



  1. good for you and your job! im not sure ill ever have life ever balanced but I like to think one day ill have my crap together!

  2. i'm so happy that you like your new job! can't wait to hear all about it on sunday. also i'm sure your daughter appreciates the advice and love, 13 is a rough age as we all know and she's lucky to have you! :)

  3. Sometimes living life is better than blogging about it =}

  4. You are doing great, the just keep swimming advice can also be taken in your situation! Life can get overwhelming, and the things we "want" to do, get pushed aside for the things that "need" to be done.