Monday, March 18, 2013


At some point, pre-children I thought three kids was the perfect number.
It's sort of the new "big" family without being too big. Sort of like brown is the new black. 
I wasn't thinking logically. Like, we will automatically be outnumbered. 
They're kids, what true power can they have over adults??
Oh the naive-ity of young parents.

We definitely lucked out with the birth order.
Our daughter is the oldest by three years. The boys are less than 18 months apart.
Ky is typically one developmental stage ahead of the boys. And the boys are besties by default.
So, the whole "one will always be left out" thing never really applies.
My daughter prefers to be "left out" from her brothers' idea of fun.

What does apply is the popcorn theory.
Everything and everyone can be absolutely fine.
Everyone is playing nicely, either together or individually.
But, scratch that...when one starts acting up...
They all just feed off the energy.
Like popcorn kernels in a heated pan,
Our house goes from content to crazy in about 3 seconds!

All the more reason to take pictures of your kids happy together.  
And don't confuse happy together with posed to look happy together. know the difference.
Take said picture, print, frame, and display somewhere you can admire it...daily.
It will inspire you not go off the deep end when 
you're separating 10,000 Legos by rightful owner 
between fighting brothers. 
OR explaining why you don't put a bag of dog poo in your brother's room 
just because he made a face at you.


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  1. Oh my gosh. This made me laugh. Love that one of them put a bag of dog poo in the others room because of a facial expression. Gotta love kids and the things they do.

  2. Haha I love this! We only have one and are trying to figure out when to add another little guy or girl into the mix.... we go back and forth all the time! As a fellow military wife, what's your advice for me?

    1. Oh boy! My short answer is have them close together, no more than 2.5 years apart. The first 18 months suck and you will probably think you are losing your mind :) That's just from lack of sleep and constant baby time. However, after the 2nd becomes a toddler then things quickly balance out. The kids will entertain each other (most days) for the next 18 years! I'm absolutely envious of the bond my boys have.

  3. haha love this! I'm on of 3 and hope to have 3 kids eventually.

  4. This is so funny! Love it! I am a mother of one daughter, unfortunately we weren't meant to have more, and it can get pretty crazy around these parts as well. xxx

  5. We only have 2, but I totally get the popcorn thing. It's like that here too! And oh my gosh - I'm laughing so hard about the dog poo! Hilarious!

  6. I grew up in a family of three and thought I wanted 4. I was the youngest by 6 years, so there was such a gap that I thought 4 would make sure that NO ONE was left out of anything. And everyone had at least one playmate. We stopped at 2. My sanity thanks me ... what's left of it, most days!

  7. Love it! I also have 3 children, oldest is 11 and the younger two are 6 and almost 4. The younger two are best friends, even though my son (6 yr old) is sometimes tired of his "baby" sister always following him around.