Sunday, March 10, 2013

Homecoming 2013

It is wonderful to be together as a family again. We picked Darin up at the airport on Friday, March 8. I asked for a gate pass so we could surprise him. Boy, did we surprise him. We made a huge spectacle of ourselves but it was worth it. We even got a standing ovation from a few onlookers. 
Not really our style but it was hard to hide the emotions. 

Would have loved to see a military uniform in this picture! Haha!
But Marines are not allowed to travel in uniform.
Also would have loved to be wearing the blue homecoming dress!
But the dress was bought with a warm summer day in mind 
and he came home on a rainy winter day instead!

 Do you think they missed their dad? 
All smiles!
Anyone else notice all those bright blue eyes?
Every. single. one.

This weekend has been quiet and hectic. We are adjusting to being a family again after 6 months apart. The military calls it reintegration and it can be a beast. But we always seem to come back together with relative ease. The hectic comes from my husband's medical appointments. Some of you noticed his arrival was early. He actually wasn't due to come home for another few months. My husband returned early due to a need for medical testing. We went straight from the airport to the hospital. Talk about an awesome homecoming *sarcasm*. There are more appointments scheduled and he will have surgery midweek.

I will continue to share with you throughout the week as this unfolds. As always, thank you for your encouragement and support. I am grateful.



  1. Yay! Congrats on a great homecoming! and enjoy having him home!

  2. Welcome home and congrats on being a family again! I can only imagine how fun it is to be able to hang out and be together again. Enjoy the time and bless the Lord for a safe return!!

  3. So glad he's home and hope everything goes smoothly for him medically. And, sorry you didn't get to wear your blue dress, but your outfit looks cute!

  4. So glad that you are together. Enjoy some family time. I hope that Darin is ok & that surgery goes well. You are in our thoughts & prayers.

  5. so happy that you are back together! :) Enjoy it.

  6. So happy for you all! I have no idea what it's like going through a deployment or anything like it, but I appreciate you and your family's sacrifices.

  7. Fantastic that you are all back together!! Enjoy your time. Love everyone's bright blue beautiful!! Thank you all for your sacrifices. We appreciate it.

  8. I love how happy you all look and I am glad he is home with you all. Enjoy your time together catching up on all the wonderful things!!

  9. You look great. It is so sweet to everyone's big smiles in the photos. I am glad your hubby is home , and I hope medically he is okay.

  10. So happy to see this! I'm not sure if I've cried more at send-off or homecoming ceremonies for my sister and brother-in-law who both serve in the Army National Guard and Marines respectively. Enjoy your time together!