Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gratitude Journal

This morning on our drive to church I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I was looking around at my surroundings. Another beautiful Southern California morning in March: sun shining, flowers blooming, green everywhere. A couple misplaced Iowans can't help but recognize the blessing of Spring weather in March.

This week has been a challenge with the days leading up to Darin's surgery and the procedure itself. Between the two of us we were just keeping each other moving forward. Our family and friends have really stepped up and been a great support. We have the greatest friends...evah! And our family has been very caring and loving. Blessed!

I'm grateful for my Bible study gals. I have grown so much during this deployment. Their support and prayers have encouraged me.

Of course, I'm thankful for little things happening this week:

- a good book that grabbed my attention from page one
- grilled food (Thanks husband)
- a Saturday trip to Target without my crazy boys
- paying 27 cents for Sally Hanson nail color strips
- Ruzzle
- getting my Cara Box finished
- Pinterest projects
- finding Birthday Cake Oreos at our commissary
- eating Birthday Cake Oreos with milk

Things are good. I am thankful!


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  1. Great things to be thankful for. :) Hugs!

  2. You can't just say a good book and NOT give a title out?!?! You better spill deets!! I too have feel in love with Bible study, I've been gone for three weeks and I really feel missed! Keep up the grateful's I of course love hearing them :)

    1. Ok Kelsey, for you I will give the title. Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. I'm going to start One Thousand Gifts this week too. Thanks to your suggestion!

  3. I seriously love reading what others are thankful for. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wonderful list!! I hope this week brings you lots more to be grateful for!

  5. ah, target alone- bliss! I love your lists.