Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Horse Riding Lessons

My daughter has taken up horse riding lessons at the Camp Pendleton base stables. It began as a volunteer project, cleaning stalls with a friend. A week later she was taking lessons. In fact, when the paid lessons began the volunteering stopped. 
In hind sight, I imagine it was a ploy between tween-age friends. 
Sneaky girls!

It's not so much a bother. I'm happy she has an activity she enjoys. The base stables make it super easy and convenient for non-horse owners. Plus, horse riding and care has been shown to promote responsibility and confidence in youth.  My hesitation comes from my unfound fear of horses. I can't even pinpoint an exact reason why I'm afraid. Horses just freak me out.

The thing is I don't want my kids to have this same fear.
I let them ride horses with helmets, in corralled areas, and with someone leading them.
Riding lessons aren't real conducive to all my rules...so I'm learning real fast to let go!

If she falls off, she has a helmet.
The ground is soft-ish in the arena.
Broken bones heal.
Runaway horse eventually stop. 
And horses don't actually eat humans...correct?!?

Just some positive thoughts on this Tuesday afternoon.



  1. haha ohh you'll survive and she'll ride just fine! I still have a fear of horses and we own three! I think the fear comes from the size and knowing how bad those feet hurt when they stomp on me. Good luck with the riding lessons, they can give a girl a whole dreamland to get lost in :)

  2. What a great experience, I love riding horses.:)

  3. So fun...for your daughter, not you! If you're ever in Colorado, you can come ride horses on the ranch : )

    1. Ok...I will keep that in mind. Sounds amazing but I couldn't do it. My daughter would love it!