Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gratitude Journal


It has been an amazing weekend. We've had 80 degree temps this weekend. So blessed to be living in Southern California in winter. The kids and I enjoyed a low key weekend with lots of quality time. I feel like we really needed it. Friday night was our family fun night. We stayed up late watching three, yes three, movies. Saturday we took a 2 hour hike around the lake and stopped at the campground park to play. I plopped on a swing and enjoyed the cool breeze while the kids burned off their energy. Sunday after church, we went to lunch at a local cafe. Our lunch date means a break from cooking. Yay me! Sometimes I need a break from all the daily tasks of being the only parent here. I'm very thankful we can go and do those things. And super grateful to the waitstaff who keep the coffee cup filled and clean up the mess after. Lately, I'm thankful the days go by quickly. We are down to double digits on the Homecoming countdown and everytime the tens number changes I do a little dance. I can't wait to have our missing link home!  



  1. That sounds like a very peaceful weekend. Fresh air can make so much of a difference. I am looking forward to things warming up here. I'm glad it was a good weekend for deserve it. And yay! on being double digits.

  2. What a wonderful and peaceful weekend. Yay for 80 degree weather. :)

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  4. I must say I'm pretty jealous of your warm Cali weather! I'm stuck here in our freezing New York weather, ewh. but it sounds like you had a pretty fun weekend (: