Friday, March 1, 2013

Fitness Friday #2

Checking in on my current fitness and nutrition goals for Fitness Friday. As I shared last week, I am now devoting Fridays to accountability on my weight loss goal. I am half way there! I'm loving my new found energy and mental boost. Love endorphins! Plus, I'm sharing one fabulous food find from the week.

LAST WEEK'S GOALS (02/23-02/28):

Work out every day (Check)
50 crunches every day (Missed Wednesday)
Go to Combat Cycle (Check)
Attend one new fitness class at the gym (Fail)
No milkshakes or zucchini fries! (Fail, I was sharing with the kids)

Saturday- 60 min. Hiking/50 situps
Sunday- 20 min. Dance in Kitchen/ 50 situps
Monday- Combat Cycle/50 situps
Tuesday- Zumba/50 situps
Wednesday- 15 min Bicycling
Thursday- 40 min. Walk/ 50 situps


Saturday: Southwestern Chicken Salad/ 2 Wasa Crackers
Monday: Cajun Seasoned Catfish/Couscous/ Cauliflower
Tuesday: Waffle
Thursday: Sea Scallops

I didn't do so great a recording meals this week.

GOALS (03/01-03/07):
Work out every day for 60 minutes
50 crunches every day
Go to Combat Cycle
Go for a 1 hour bike ride
No milkshakes or zucchini fries! (We are not going to our favorite burger joint this week. I have no self-control!)

My fabulous food find this week is greek yogurt. It is a fantastic replacement for sour cream. Greek yogurt tastes like sour cream and is only 1/3 the calories.I wish I had listened to all the "experts" sooner. I could have saved myself a few thousand calories!



  1. I think you did good on your goals, good luck next week. :) Have a great weekend.

  2. Those are great goals!

  3. Thanks for linking this up this week! I'm starting to record my measurements; this week is my second one. When I got on the scale todayI have lost 5 lbs this week! Every little bit helps!