Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stitchfix July 2015

Clearly, I have broken my Stitch Fix hiatus! After the success of my June Stitch Fix delivery, I decide to try my odds at another Fix in July. With my fingers crossed, I obsessively tracked my package from San Francisco to my front porch. I swooped up the little brown box and headed to my room. No ceremonious opening for me, I tore right into it! 

First, I read my note from my new stylist, Leah. By the way, I have never had the same stylist for any Fix. And yet, success! Leah wrote a note that made me so giddy. It was like receiving a letter from a really good friend! I could tell she had taken the time to get to know my likes and dislikes.  Leah went a step above and looked through my StitchFix profile, StitchFix Pinterest board, and my blog. (I'm guessing girlfriend skipped lunch that day ;) I feel the extra effort she put in allowed her to really know my style. She wrote, "…I'm hoping this can be your first 5/5 Fix." I knew before I peeled the teal sticker off the pristine white tissue paper, this girl got me! 
I was going to be spending my entire shopping budget before the month even got started!

Now the fun part! Fashion Show… 

Pixley Brook Dot Print Tie-Waist Top

This was a pin on my Pinterest board. I had written, "Fun print. I'm not sure I would like this on me?? Too safe." I'm actually really pleased with the top. It's the perfect lightweight for summer weather. I'm thinking of all the possible styles with this one piece. The Mavi Aiden Distressed Skinnies are really comfortable. The give a nice shape all around and they are a mid rise just like I prefer. I'm much too old for low rise. I'm pretty sure I've bought all but one pair of pants/jeans Stitchfix has sent me. I never have such luck when I'm shopping on my own!

Mavi Aiden Distressed Skinny Jeans

Daniel Rainn Celina Split Neck Blouse

This is hands down my favorite piece from the July Stitch Fix. 
I love floral prints. I love bright colors. I love lightweight fabrics during these hot months. 
I'm also happy to be adding another item to my work wardrobe.
Excuse my awkward fashion blogger pose. 
I can't imagine anyone ever feels comfortable doing these posts.

Following the style card and matching the Daniel Rainn blouse with a black pencil skirt.
I will definitely put this outfit on repeat during the school year!

Market and Spruce Kesey Romper

Ask and you shall receive!
I wrote a bullet point wish list for my stylist this month. 
Shorts romper was at the top!
and distressed denim...and floral prints
I'm telling you, Leah spoiled me. She must have known it was a rough school year?!?

At first, the print kind of spooked me. I probably would have picked something plain and conservative.
But as any Stitch Fix customer knows, do not judge anything before you try it on. 
I pretty much fell in love. This romper is going to be perfect for summer. 
The beach, pool, or running errands. It's cotton, so no special washing instructions. 
This will be on summer repeat and I think I need about four more shorts rompers.
Most comfortable thing ever!

Bay to Baubles Vesta Swirl Drop Earrings 

I almost forgot the earrings. They are cute but I know I won't wear them. I'm keeping the earrings but will be gifting them to a friend.

If you made it this far, I'm impressed. It was a lengthy picture and word post!
Thanks for hanging in there!

Just in case, this picture overload has you intrigued about Stitchfix, let me give you my referral code.

By using the above referral code, StitchFix will give me a small discount on my next Fix. 
It's just something I thought was worth mentioning :)


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  1. I am in love with the romper, super cute!

  2. Oooh the romper and that floral top - my favorites!! You definitely have a fantastic stylist :)

  3. I LOOOOOOVE that romper, I've always wanted one but the shorts are usually SO short, you have the perfect romper here! I love all of your pieces though! Awesome fix!!

  4. Great fix! My favorite is the polka dot blouse. I found it funny that you said you always had a different stylist. I've had the same stylist for two years, and I never requested that. But, I was only disappointed once. I usually keep everything Stitch Fix sends me.

  5. How cute is everything?? My faves are the blue floral top and the romper. I love the idea of a romper but have been too chicken to try one on- you make it look so easy though!

  6. Everything looks so good on you! I have been debating signing up for StitchFix, but you've convinced me!! I love it!