Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What The World Needs Now...

What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world? I'm not trying to get philosophical here but I suppose these questions matter. I find myself existing on a superficial plane sometimes, do you? Not a vroom vroom airplane, think geometry ;) I talk about things like the Kardashians and silly work problems. The weather and what the latest movies are. Super important stuff *sarcasm* that really doesn't matter. I do not need to have extremely serious or personal conversations all the time but every once in awhile it is ok to push below the surface!

These 50 Questions To Free Your Mind are pushing me to do just that. My goal is to complete all 50 in blog posts over the next two years, as part of my 101 Things In 1001 Days. 

Back to that 'change the world' question, I would choose HATE. I can't even watch the news anymore. All the crap going on over in the Middle East. That's the worst kind of pain for my heart. Motivated by hatred for others and their beliefs. All the bullying you read about on the internet. Just hatefulness. Nothing good comes from such extreme negativity. We don't even have to replace it with LOVE, just some mind-your-own-business feelings!

I'm good with differences. I'm good with getting a little annoyed everyone can't agree with you. I want people to see everything my way too! It's understandable people dislike other people or things. All of those irritations seem very normal. However, hatred is the extreme which often motivates evil things. I think we all would be better off without it!


  1. Those questions are great, can't wait to read your posts!

  2. Love those questions, what a cool idea. Can't wait to read all your answers.

  3. I agree! Hate is a terrible thing.