About Me

Hello Reader! Thanks for stopping by. This is the place to learn more about
the blog, Adventures of a Semper Fi Family.

My name is Nicole. I'm the blogger. 
I'm a military wife and mom to three.

These are the three who occupy every square inch of this house.
Two teenagers and one tweenage boy.

This blog is mainly about our life in the military. A lot of adventures exploring the US.
Military life is stressful. I am a firm believer in embracing the positives! 
You Only Live Once, right?!?
I encourage you to get out and explore your surroundings.
There is always something amazing about the military base you find yourself assigned.
You just need to get out there and find them! 

My husband and I are Midwesterners at heart. Born and raised.
We love to be outdoors.
Hiking, biking, the beach, and exploring are favorites.
Indoors: Reading, baking, and browsing Pinterest.

My hope is to connect with other military families.
I've been doing this milspouse thing for over 18 years. 
And I can honestly say "Been there, done that" for most everything.
Have questions? Need support? Email me!

My blog post schedule is Monday, Tuesday, and Fridays.

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