Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tales From The New Home {Week 7}

Bills, bills, bills. That sums up my morning. Our $33.00 water bill tripled this month. Our inside water usage stayed the same but the outside quadrupled. I'm not sure the jump is normal. I thought I read somewhere when those jumps happen suspect a leak or broken line. We turned off the automatic sprinklers and hopefully we will see a change next billing cycle. I've taken it upon myself to water the lawn with the hose. The old fashioned way, I guess. I would love the au natural way but rain doesn't seem to be in our forecast. It has been terribly hot and humid this past week. I miss my Oceanside weather!

Mr. Fix-It has a new project. The backyard. The drainage back there is terrible, like non existent! He is planning to insert a french drain and re-sod the entire backyard. There are a few more projects included but I am sharing the two majors ones. I'm a little afraid about how this is going to turn out. I have a lot of faith in Mr. Fix It but drains are kind of a big deal. Someone with no experience could possibly make a mess... a big mess. Fingers crossed.

Digging the trench for the french drain.
Total DIY project. Please do not attempt this at home.

Little drain pipe with a big cap.
Because that makes sense.

Little drain pipe leading to nowhere.
Because that makes sense.

Ok, I am needed in the backyard. 
Mr. Fix It is probably breaking some child labor laws while "supervising".


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Friday, August 30, 2013

August Carabox Reveal

Time for a Carabox reveal! After taking a few months off from the Carabox swap, I hopped right back into this friendly exchange. When I read Wifessionals would be making matches between women of same age or life stage, I knew I was guaranteed a great experience. In fact, I would probably say this month was my best experience. As always the Carabox exchange assigns two "friends" to swap. My friend Suzi of Chores and Chandeliers sent a package to me. I sent a package to Jennifer at My Own Green Grass.

The Carabox is all about friendship. Two thirds of the month is spent exchanging emails and reading each other's blogs. Then you go shopping and create this personal gift for one of your new friends. Suzi sent my Carabox.  She is amazing. So cheery and personable. Yes, I can tell these things from email! She lives on a farm in Nebraska. Midwestern girl matched with a Midwestern girl at heart equals a perfect match!  You should really check out her blog. She lives in an adorable farm house which you can see HERE and she is super crafty which you can see HERE

Do you know the feeling of coming home to an unexpected package on your doorstep?
I love that feeling.

When I opened the Carabox everything was purple! 
Which just happens to be my favorite color.

This drink cup has become quite popular in our house.
I especially love to see my Marine husband drink from it.
There is just something about rhinestones and Marines that I find funny.

Handmade wreath for our new home.
Super thoughtful!

And a statement necklace. 
How can a girl not love a statement necklace?

A great box to conclude a great month of Carabox friendships. If you would like to see more Carabox goodies, click over to the linkup where you will find plenty of creative care packages! And don't forget to check out Jennifer's Carabox on her blog!

A truly great experience this month. Thanks ladies!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Lovely Blog Hop (Co-Host)

Hello Adventure of a Semper Fi Family readers! I am co-hosting this week's A Lovely Blog Hop with Rekita at Her & Nicole blog. Why don't you join us? Just link up your blog and hop around! Blog hops are great ways to find new blogs. However, the key is to visit other blogs. It's fun! Now here is  a quick message from Rekita...

Welcome to A Lovely Blog Hopwhere each Thursday we have the grand opportunity to meet and connect with lovely new bloggers, such as myself! Now you have something to do and somewhere to go on Thursdays!


Rules (Not really rules but a guide):
1. Follow your host and any co-hosts (if it applies). Co-hosts will be the first 3 to 5 entries.
I am your host,  Rekita @ Her&Nicole and I am the first linky. 

Feel free to leave a comment and introduce yourself!
Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life in...Australia
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2. Link it!
Link up your blog or anything else you find lovely. Share your family, fashion, food, crafts, or anything that you love this week. Please, please, please, share the love and include a link back to this blog hop.

3. Spread it!
This is a blog hop after all, so hop around! Visit other blogs and say Hi!

4. Grab it! 
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This will help us promote this blog hop, believe me, the more the merrier! Or post the link somewhere in your blog. 

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6. The most important rule of them all, HAVE FUN BLOG HOPPING!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to the Grind

I finally, and I mean FINALLY, have a job. I have been looking forward to getting back into the workforce, using my education, and contributing to our household income. Although, being back to work means I now have two jobs.  Household manager (mom/wife/housekeeper) and employee. 

I have never really perfected the ratio of the two. I bet you can guess which one suffers. I walk in the door at 6pm and dinner has yet to be started. However, there are four people standing in my kitchen. How does the math work out on this one?  I need to dig out the crockpot.  I suppose cleaning out the spaghetti sauce would help too!

My kids are another story. This week we are re-learning what it means for mom to have a job. Everybody is expected to be a little more self-sufficient. Next week we are going to learn about helping out.  I am not great at delegating. I am even worse at being overwhelmed and stressed out.  My husband, the Gunnery Sergeant has promised to help me spearhead chore lists. I've learned a lot in my two months as a Gunny's wife. First and foremost, Gunnery Sergeant's embrace their supervisor role... all the time. In fact, that is about the only contribution they make...supervising. And fix dishwashers.

I have a few things to learn myself. I lost a few hours of "mommy & me" time. I do not want to give up all time with the kids. I am trading in my TV and computer hours for junior high gossip, card games, and story time. Happily.

Things will be quieter but I'm not going to stop writing. Promise.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tales from the New Home {week 6}

Half way through our second month in the house. Wow. It feels like it has been longer. Months at least. Not much happened around the house this week. Busy work schedule for my husband and a school switcheroo for the boys. We felt the brunt of school overcrowding in the state of California. A big reality check for living off base. I never worried about anything school related because my kids always went to base schools. The majority of the students are military kids. The spots are typically open for military kids throughout the year. Living off base, we have to all but compete for spots at our "home" school. I do not like it.

We have spent the past week going from one school to the next and then being threatened to switch teachers again. A complete mess which has finally settled. The kids and I are happy with the outcome and loving their new school. I think the boys like it better than our "home" school. I do not foresee us returning this year.

Back to the house, Mr. Fix-It did manage to take out another overgrown shrub and a mess of vines from the front wall. Things are really improving.

I have been slacking on decorating. The office wall is lined with pictures and decor.  Out of pure desperation, I decided to put nails in pre-existing holes and hang my pictures.

Yes... it looks awkward... but anything else would require me to make a decision. I cannot make decisions about house stuff. Too stressful. Seriously, my friend had to pick out the paint for the kids' bedrooms. My husband arranged the furniture in our master. I am totally inept when it comes to houses. I will learn.

I do not have anything else to share about the house. How about a tour of our local park and community center? All are within walking distance from our house. We really lucked out on location!

I love all the space. A place to play, a spot to relax, and the pooch gets to come along too. There is a little something for everyone!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013: The epic fail

Summer is over. School is back in session. Schedules have taken the place of lazy summer days. While basking in the absolute quiet and stillness of my house, I started thinking about the Summer Bucket List. The list of adventures our Semper Fi Family planned for Summer 2013. It took me about 2.3 seconds to realize the list was an epic fail, like a total waste of memory on this blog. I believe we crossed off three adventures in the entire two months the kids were off. So sad.

What did we do with our time? Besides watch countless hours of Disney reruns. We managed to Ride Our Bikes To The Store. The kids loved that one! And we managed to Pick Strawberries which was supposed to be blueberries but we missed the season. We managed a Back To School shopping trip. My daughter wouldn't let me overlook that bucket list "adventure".

We fit in a Summer BBQ for my husband's Gunny Sergeant Wet Down. This is all I have to show for it. Even though I promised a whole blog post. Sorry.

The boys and I had a backyard picnic when Ky was in DC. Not extravagant but there was Shasta. And what is a summer picnic without Shasta? Technically, a picnic would make four completed summer bucket list items.

Then there were things not on the original bucket list but we did them anyways.

Like Hiking a trail we've already hiked lieu of Hiking a New Trail.

And checking out the local splash pad.

We even did a little fishing...

And hit up California's Largest Water Park. 

Someone in our house turned 13...and we had this crazy Instagram Scavenger Hunt party.

Maybe the summer wasn't a total loss. We just got a little sidetracked.
We are officially retiring the 2013 Summer Bucket List.
Better luck next year!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Celebrating The Big Ten

Get out the balloons and streamers! Honk your birthday kazoos. Today we are celebrating double digits  and when it's Zachary's birthday he wants EVERYBODY to know, especially our bloggy friends. There is no better way to honor a birthday in our house than writing a proper birthday post.

Many of you have gotten acquainted with Zac over the past year. He sure has taken a liking to my blog and coincidentally end up in any blog or Instagram picture I am taking.  Have you noticed?

Me neither.

Not too surprising since he has expressed an interest in his own blog. Maybe we need to start a guest post Tuesdays with Zachy.  A little much?!? I did share the spotlight with him in April. Do you remember his Military Child post? He is our aspiring Air Force pilot. We don't like to talk about that. Actually the boy has Marine written all over him!

Although there is evidence suggesting otherwise.

We blame it on too many back to back deployments. 

No matter what has transpired over ten years of life. This guy will forever be our cuddler...

Our funny guy...

Our smarty pants....

And always always our big sweetie!

Zac-- Ten is going to be a wild and crazy year. I hope it is all you imagined! Let's fill it with lots of go-kart racing and video games. Maybe throw in some roller coasters and a camping trip? You only live once! You gotta make 10 count!

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