Monday, August 14, 2017

Brushing Up On History At Moore's Creek Battlefield

"Why was there a Revolutionary War battle in North Carolina?" I scrunched up my face as I asked my soon to be freshman. "Because it was one of the 13 colonies." What the heck?!? How did this information escape me. A prime example of if-you-don't-use-it-you-lose! I honestly thought the original colonies were all up in the New England area. Nope, the colonies extended all the way south to Georgia. For those of you who also didn't remember that... you're welcome!

After my faltering moment, I decided it's time to brush up on some American History pre-Civil War. So, I will be working on that! Until then, I am going to be checking out all these historic battlefields around us and not assuming they are Civil War battlefields. Because apparently, North Carolina is really old, so it's seen a fair share of wars. 

Moore's Creek National Battlefield is our closest battlefield in the Wilmington located 40 minutes east. This is the place where a key Revolutionary War battle was fought in North Carolina to end British authority over the colony and initiate NC's desire for independence from Britain. This was the first colony to do this #bigdeal or #traitors

No matter how you paint it, the battlefield is lovely and a paved 1 mile trail loops you around to see all the sites. It was a really nice outing and we (which really means I) learned something!

Here is the "famous" Moore's Creek bridge. Famous for what, you ask?
I don't know :( I'm still working on my history knowledge.
It's a really neat pathway through the swamp with all the trees canopying around. 

I've included the link HERE for more information on Moore's Creek National Battlefield.
It's definitely a great way to see history in a tangible way. I do love that for my kids (and myself too) about living in North Carolina. This is where America began so it's all very accessible on the East Coast. You just need to go see it :)

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  1. We pass this all the time on the way to my moms and have never been able to stop. We will have to make a point to stop once if we get a chance.

  2. I absolutely love stuff like this!!!! It's amazing to experience the history.

  3. Neat! I bet the Brits had a tough time fighting in swampland. Yay for you and your history learning!

  4. We've got quite a few friends who have visited that battlefield. The Southeast is so rich in history. I miss that!

  5. You are totally not alone. Just tonight my husband and I were talking about history and I asked him if he knew the original 13 colonies. He started listing them and said, "North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia." I thought he was joking around!!!!!! I had no idea. So embarrassing. I thought they were all in the northeast too!

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  7. I love that you are getting out and exploring some history! Growing up in New York, the furthest south we ever went was Washington, DC, so I never really got to explore the history in the south. But I would love to.