Thursday, April 9, 2015

Donuts Make Me Happy

A quick post written on my lunch break. Ive been going through the ho-hum's lately. I've got some things I've been processing and it makes me a little down. I hate that feeling. Not only because the happiness is a little harder to come by but because I feel guilty. I have a pretty good life and I'm upset by things that a relatively small. So I just try to work through them in my own brain and move on.

A little mental diversion always helps! Donuts are my mental distraction. We went to the Donut Bar in San Diego over spring break. That place is so yummy! The kids love it and look what our wonderful teenager did to maximize her experience :/ Took a bite of nearly everyone. It's a wonder I don't ship her off somewhere far away sometimes.

I hope this Thursday finds you all well. I pray the warm sunshine breaks my funk soon!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sedona Hiking

After a day at the Grand Canyon, we made our way south to Sedona. Most well known for the red rocks. We didn't spend much time but we made a quick hike at Midgley Bridge Trail. Making our way down to the trail was more than enough for my nerves. It was steep! But the views down by the river may have been well worth it!


Monday, April 6, 2015

Grand Canyon for Spring Break

I wish I had the poise to preface our recent trip to the Grand Canyon. Truth is, I'm more than a little excited thinking about our quick Spring Break getaway. I really just want to show you our pictures. Is that ok?

The kids have never seen the Grand Canyon which is kind of silly given the number of road trips we've made past there in their lifetime. GC had been on Zac's travel list for some time. He is so cute to always ask 'if we can go this year'. Sort of breaks my heart when I get the puppy dog eyes, especially since he is the kid who will accept no for an answer and not argue with ya. I really wanted to make his wish come true sometime soon. I thought spring break would be a good time to swing a quick trip to Arizona. The adults had hiking in mind. I feel the kids were zoning in on snack food and hotel swimming pools. I'm pretty sure.

But, these views can win over anyone. Always such a spiritual experience for me to stand in front of something so big and magnificent. I feel like 'magnificent' is a great word for the Grand Canyon. You as well? I know there are theories of who what when why where of this natural wonder. But, ultimately I believe this was created by God. And if He used ice, water, wind, dinosaurs, meteors or aliens to create it then all the more power to Him. Bottom line, He is pretty amazing. Lucky us!

It just wouldn't be our family without someone acting like they were falling into the Grand Canyon. Classic I tell you. Or overdone? Let's look at those pictures shall we?

 We got to hike down into the canyon a little. We made it to the first rest house stop which was 1.5 miles of switchbacks down and then 1.5 miles back up. it really wasn't so bad. A little steep but ok. Maybe we could have made it to the 3 mile rest house but definitely not to the river. It's 6 miles down to the water. We, or maybe I should rephrase to I, was no where near able to do the 12 mile river hike this year. Next year...maybe!