Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Life is One Big Par-Tay

Just a little update. Last week we battled illness in the house. I took Friday off to get some rest and hopefully kick the bug I'd been struggling with. But like most mommies, illness does not mean a day off. Derrick received honor roll at his school on Friday and a citizenship award for the second time this year. I'm just going to take my mommy moment to brag on that. He is such a sweet spirit. He is this natural leader that just radiates joy. So on my sick day, I had to scoot over to the school and watch the ceremony. Then I went home and rested. And I kicked this thing.

Feeling better, I was able to celebrate my friend's birthday on Saturday. The military doesn't allow us many friends who stick around for long but the birthday girl is one of those rare incidents :) So I really really wanted to be well to make the celebration. We headed to Wiens Winery (blogged about it here) and then had lunch at South Coast (blogged about it here). Ok, after writing that out it seems I spend a lot of time at wineries.

On Sunday, we had another celebration for one of our military friends. A baby shower. One of my favorite kind of parties. We have really hit the jackpot of military friends. This particular group, during this stage in my husband's career, has been the best. We all live in this town an hour north of base. Which is awesome because we have our own little military community outside of base. I think this is a unique military experience but it's such a blessing. 

My husband wasn't too thrilled to go to a baby shower. Excuse him, he is old school. I said, "Honey, this is our family, our military family. We celebrate these milestone/joys together because our families are too far away to do it with us." I've been around the block, military word of advice...embrace your military family. They are a close second to what you have left behind. 

Cheers to the almost end of the week!

My next weekend consists of a dinner party with these awesome girls above, meet up with Ramblings of a Marine Wife (so excited), Ky's flag competition, and neighborhood Super Bowl party. My life is currently not dull :) It's always fun to go through these busy times but I do enjoy a little down time too!

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library has been on my adventure list for some time. I've managed to avoid it with every trip north. The next time...the next time, I tell myself. This time I did it. Thanks to my pushy teen who would rather do anything than spend a weekend "stuck" at home.

I'm not very political. The idea of a presidential library just interested me.
I'm one of those people who want to know what things are about.
We have two presidential libraries here in California: Reagan and Nixon.
I've read about some interesting exhibits at the Reagan library so naturally I'm intrigued with this one more than the other. After visiting the Reagan library, I think I will make a special trip to the Nixon library in Yorba Linda.

This is the outside of the library. It sits up on a hill in Thousand Oaks, California. The panoramic views are amazing. They really are!

So that was the outside of the library. Here are some pictures from inside:

A map of North America in 1774. Notice California as an island and the Pacific Northwest into Canada marked as 'Unknown'.

There are many interactive stations throughout the library. My teen was really into it. I loved seeing her learn about someone she probably didn't know existed or feel important before this trip. And the videos and audios gave her a chance to explore on her terms. I was really surprised at how much she enjoyed the museum.

The inaugural clothes of President and Mrs. Reagan.

An exact replica of the Oval Office during Reagan's terms.

A room devoted to his most recognized speeches and a photo op. 
Who can turn down a photo op? 

Marine One
And my favorite of the day, Air Force One.

We were able to walk through the entire plane set up as it was during the Reagan presidency.
But no pictures were allowed.

The current special exhibit is iconic Hollywood cars.

I was eager to see the BatMobile. A movie I was totally obsessed with in my tween years.
I obsessively watched Batman Returns until I could memorize all of CatWoman's lines.

This surprisingly was my favorite car in the exhibit. A Mash Hadley from the movie Sabrina. 
I've never seen the original movie but I will now. I asked one of the older gentleman docents what his favorite car in the exhibit was and he pointed me in this direction. He came back later to ask what I thought and talk about its role in the movie. 
I was reminded how cool people are. And that I should talk to strangers more often.

Outside the library is a memorial for Ronald Reagan who passed away in 2004. It's a nice way to walk away from a place that honors him.

Overall, a very cool and a highly recommended trip.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Red Model Home Tour

One more tour this week.
Because things are busy at home.
 And I haven't made time to blog about anything.

I love how this small space was utilized.
It gives me hope for my gray room.

This is called a California Room.
It's a covered patio.

Chalkboard door in the kitchen.

The Loft.


I promise not to take you on anymore home tours for a while ;)


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Coral Model Home Tour

Another model home tour. I liked this house best. Coral and browns. 


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blue Model Home Tour

It's been awhile since I've toured the new builds in our area. Not sure if you remember when I posted a bunch of pictures from the model homes I visited last spring. Wow that has been a long time! My MIL is visiting and she enjoys walking through the houses. It's fun to see what the latest in home decor is. Plus, we have an excuse to get out of the house. Things have been quiet when it comes to adventuring, so I'm glad we were able to do something fun this weekend.

Model homes are always so beautiful. Everything is so clean. All the rooms flow together.

I noticed white is a very popular color for cabinets in the model. Maybe it's the experience with three kids but I just couldn't do it ;)

The color in the cubbies is another popular interior design.

I do love the colors. Those curtains! That table!  
I think they should label where it all comes from so you know where to shop.

Master bedroom

Master Bathroom

Roman shades are now hung at ceiling level. Have you seen this?

Love that bedding! And I would never have enough patience to paint a wall like that.
I despise painting :/ 

I'm coveting those nightstands. They would be perfect for child #3 bedroom.
If only I knew where to buy them :/

So much great home style to see! I have a few more tours to show you this week. 
Come back soon!